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Determining how you can boost your property’s curb appeal? Landscaping is certainly the way to go. For this task, it is still advisable that you get expert help by hiring professionals. This could be your best option if want to get the job done quickly and that you have budget for their services. However, be reminded that you can also do this task by yourself. But as most landscaping experts say, taking the DIY route will demand lots of time. However, if you are indeed ready for the responsibility, you better start planning.


Coming Up With Great Designs

Use different cultures of grass – Indeed, you can make use of different cultures of grass; however, you must ensure that they are somewhat similar to one another. This will indeed create a more voluminous appearance. Another great benefit it provides is that it will make the landscape less prone to pest attacks. Furthermore, avoiding monocultures is considered a very efficient way for keeping weeds at bay.

Learn the best color palette and size for blooms – Horticulturists have a certain guide on which flower sizes and hues will work really well. It is best for you to make use of native flowers along with hardy shrubs for the job. They are not just cheaper but they are likewise very easy to take care. Be reminded that colorful as well as voluminous flower beds will liven up your landscape.

Set-up a smart watering system – When you have a big property, sprinklers with timers must be installed in strategic places to make sure that plants and grass will evenly and healthily grow. You must also consider using drip hoses and installing them around flower and plant beds. Due to the fact that drip irrigation applies water slowly, it can be absorbed more effectively. You must use those with a mechanical timer so you can save time, water and money.3

Use height to enhance your landscape – You must know the different ways that you must employ to create height. Determine if you need to pile on more soil in certain areas or perhaps you must make use of different sizes of plant. Well, you really need to know which will work best for you to achieve the look that you want and that is within your budget.


Use the right accessories – Accessories will not just beautify but will likewise increase the functionality of your space. Consider checking out lawn ornaments, fountains, stone steps, tables, seating options, and many more. You must be very judicious with these implements in order to make sure that you get the best look for your lawn and garden.

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