Purebred dogs in Ukraine auctioned off to pay owner’s debts

Ukrainians were stunned this week when two dogs who were confiscated from their owners were put up for auction to cover the owner’s debts.

The dogs — a pit bull and a German shepherd — were put up for auction on a state-owned online site for confiscated goods. The shepherd dog had a starting price of $48, according to the BBC.

While opposition members of parliament oppose the move, Justice Minister Denis Malyuska told BBC Ukrainian, “We really have to confiscate pets from their owners. Even though they are taken because of their former owners’ insolvency, often it turns out for the best when pets have been badly treated.”

Confiscated pets are often bought back by the owner or their relatives for a symbolic sum, Malyuska said, before suggesting “online dog auctions could be brought to an end, adding that he would buy one of the confiscated dogs himself.”


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