Sen. Ben Sasse rips Trump over executive orders: ‘America doesn’t have kings’

Sen. Ben Sasse hit back at President Trump as they continue their dispute over the commander-in-chief’s recent executive actions — telling the president that “America doesn’t have kings.”

In a note tweeted Monday afternoon from his campaign account, Sasse (R-Neb.) began the message, “Mr. President — I understand that you’re mad. A few thoughts.”

He continued, “As we’ve discussed before, I don’t think Twitter is the best place to do this. But, since you moved our conversation from private to public, here we are.”

Sasse then launched into the president, defending his opposition to four new executive orders signed by Trump over the weekend, after Congress was unable to reach a deal for another coronavirus relief package.

“Now, on the topic that had you mad this weekend: No president — whether named Obama or Trump or Biden or AOC — has unilateral power to rewrite immigration law or to cut taxes or to raise taxes,” he wrote.

“This is because America doesn’t have kings. Under our Constitution, we’re supposed to have public servants — Article I folks who pass laws; an Article II ‘presiding officer’ who executes those laws; and Article III judges who have to put on boring black robes to remind them that they are not activist players like the folks in Articles I or II.”

The executive orders revive a federal evictions moratorium, extend student loan deferment, create a $400 weekly unemployment supplement and suspend payroll taxes on incomes under $104,000.

Sasse also said that he understood the president was “frustrated” with him because he had not joined the Trump 2020 re-election committee and he ran a primary ad admitting that they “sometimes agree and sometimes disagree.”

“You also know I never asked for your endorsement, nor did I use it in the campaign,” Sasse said.

“None of my disagreements are personal,” he continued.

“In fact, you know — from our many conversations, even in the last few weeks — that I care about you personally and have tried to help you repeatedly, even on issues where our prudential judgements [sic] differ widely.”

Donald Trump
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The Republican then signed off by poking fun at the name Trump had given him, writing, “Sincerely yours, Gym Rat.”

Earlier Monday, President Trump slammed Sasse as a “RINO,” or “Republican In Name Only,” for criticizing the constitutionality of his executive orders and calling them “unconstitutional slop” over the weekend — a statement that was later echoed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“RINO Ben Sasse, who needed my support and endorsement in order to get the Republican nomination for Senate from the GREAT State of Nebraska, has, now that he’s got it (Thank you President T), gone rogue, again. This foolishness plays right into the hands of the Radical Left Dems!” Trump wrote on Twitter.


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