Seven Dress Shopping Blunders Most Soon-To-Be Brides Fall Into

The wedding day is one of the most significant events in a woman’s life. Walking down the aisle, with all eyes on her, wearing the perfect bridal dress that accentuate her radiance, is something most women envision when they were younger. They see a clear picture of what their wedding gown and entourage would look like, and everything needs to be perfect.


Some even have laid out plans to ensure that all things in their vision will fall into place on their wedding day. However, even with numerous plans laid out, making mistakes in the process is still inevitable, especially when picking the perfect dress for the dream event. Family pressure and overwhelming are great factors.

To help you look your best on your wedding day without any regrets, I listed down seven of the most common mistakes soon-to-be brides fall into when shopping for their bridal dresses.

 Not having a clear budget

Make sure to establish your financial limits and deciding on a number before you schedule an appointment, especially when someone is financing your wedding dress. Be honest with your stylist and yourself, and choose a salon that respects your budget and will give you the best out of what you can afford.

Another huge mistake is shopping over your budget. Never ask the consultant to work outside of your budget if you can’t be flexible to pay for it. Even trying out a stunning gown you cannot afford for the sake of fun and pleasurable shopping is a big no-no. It can lead to total heartbeak, just like in romantic relationships where you end up falling in love with something you can never have.

  1. Bringing an entourage

Too many cooks spoil the broth. When you invite all your family members and some close relatives to the salon, you also call for their impressions and opinions, leaving you more confused than enlightened.

According to Cristina DeMarco of Bridal Reflections is New Your, the most you can bring when dress shopping is two people. You’ll do best with your mom, your sister, or your best friend. Expect that they’ll give you their honest and reliable opinion like “It’s great but it’s not for you, sweetie” rather than generic remarks like “oh that’s nice.”

  1. Shopping too early

Shopping more than 12 months in advance is way too early and may lead to huge blunders. Perhaps you’re too eager to walk down the aisle toward the man of your life, a scene you have been envisioning since you were younger. The downside here is you’ll inevitably fall in love with one dress throughout the process and it may be hard for you to let go if you’re not ready to make a purchase yet.

Another concern is when things don’t turn out the way it should be. The details of your wedding may change and your ball gown may not be appropriate for a beachfront ceremony. Your weight loss or gain can also be a huge factor. There are also instances when the wedding is called off due to serious relationship issues, which may break your heart and your bank.

  1. Obsessing over a wedding dress

So you have a clear vision of something you’d love to wear on your big day. You saw an RTW dress that is quite similar to what you have envisioned. The downfall is you want the dress to have extra bling, ruching, lace design replacement, and a puffy underskirt. In short, you want to make the dress something it’s not.

Clearly, RTW dresses aren’t for you. If you want a fully customized gown, go for couture or made-to-wear dresses but be prepared to pay a hefty price. You can seek help from professional consultants and ask for fresh perspectives that will both suit your budget and your body frame. Just remember that the dress should not outshine you, unless you picture the wedding aisle to be a catwalk. The bride should wear the dress, and not the dress should wear the bride.

  1. Going to the salon unprepared

Showing up in a salon with no clear vision in mind of what you really want can be frustrating not only for your stylists but also for you as a bride. You’re giving the consultants a harder task of pulling whatever’s in the rack, hoping it is something you won’t veto. Coming to the salon unprepared leads to leaving the salon empty-handed.

Go home, do some research, and go back to the shop. You don’t have to have a specific dress style or details in mind. A gist of what you want to wear is enough. Would you rather wear a modest dress or something sexy? Do you see yourself in a sleek, mermaid dress or in a ball gown? You also have to voice out a few details about your wedding theme so your consultant will have an idea of what might please you.

  1. Trying on too many dresses

While there are women who veto every single dress they wear, there are those women who easily say yes to all dresses. They are too overwhelmed trying out dresses from shop to shop that they can’t make a commitment. The more you look, the more confusion you get.

Shopping for a wedding dress is fun but it can’t go on forever. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t forget to bring your camera. If the salon permits it, take a picture of yourself wearing the dresses that stood out to help you make a decision. Take only the dresses that will suit your budget and you are likely to see yourself in as you walk down the aisle.

  1. Buying a dress you don’t love

The biggest mistake a bride can make is saying yes to a dress without her heart in it.Don’t be swayed by a dress’ cheap price, the exhaustion due to dress-hunting the whole day, and the pressure of pleasing your companions’ standards. If you’re having any doubts, it’s better to leave the salon empty-handed than staying up all night, rethinking of how you can deal with the gown you don’t love.

And once you find “the one” you love, go with your gut and purchase that dress.


Carmina Natividad is one of the enthusiastic writers for Jennifer Regan, a shop in Sydney that caters to women who are looking for the perfect bridal dress to wear as they walk down the aisle. Her articles mainly focus on fashion and beauty, which help soon-to-be-brides prepare for their wedding day.


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