Several people shot during third night of unrest in Kenosha

Several people were shot in Wisconsin on Tuesday night amid the chaos and looting that unfolded after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

The gunfire rang out outside a car dealership near 63rd Street and Sheridan Road in Kenosha at around midnight, the Kenosha News reported. An officer told the outlet “lots of people shot.”

In a series of videos from the shooting, it appears a group of men had surrounded one man carrying a semi-automatic weapon. The man with the weapon is on the ground when he opens fire on the crowd.

“He shot him!” witnesses could be heard repeatedly saying. The gunman can be seen firing about 15 shots in one video.

After the gunfire stopped, a man in the video could be seen taking off his shirt and bending down to assist the victim, who was on the ground near several cars.

Others also ran toward the victim as people screamed for help, the video shows.

“Call 911 — he’s down!” another person screams. “We need a medic,” another yells.

A separate video shows the victim laying on the concrete with witnesses using a t-shirt to apply pressure to the side of his head.

Another man appears to get shot in the arm in the middle of a street. It’s unclear if the two shootings were related.

“F–k, I need a medic!” the man wails, according to live-stream footage posted to social media.

The man tells several people who came to his aid that he was carrying a tourniquet and, through audio of the incident, it appears they administered the device.

Other details about the shootings were not immediately available.


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