Simple tips to do up your small rental Home

If you rent a new home, then you would definitely want to decorate it in the best possible manner. If you want your new rental home to look really grand and make your neighbours jealous then there are certain small tips that you must follow which will add the magic touch to your new rental home. There are plenty of 2 bhk for rent in Noida. Two bedroom, one hall and one kitchen is what makes up a 2bhk flat. So you have to buy certain very essential items and the rest will be mainly decorative pieces to adorn your small rental home.


The most essential items

You have to purchase a gas stove or a gas oven for the kitchen. You have to have a refrigerator and cooking utensils. These are mandatory items and you will need them for your daily living. All the items that are needed for cooking and cleaning should come first on your list while you are setting up your small rental home.

The items you need for your bedroom

You have to have a proper bed where you can lie down. You need to have a dressing table and if the size of the bedroom is big enough you can fit in a small side table. You have to organise for a nice wardrobe where you can keep all your dresses. It will be nice if you can choose the colour of the wardrobe according to colour of the walls which should complement one another. You should decorate the bedroom with proper lights so that it is neither too loud or to dim. You can have one tube light and a night lamb. You must put colourful curtains on the windows and have good bed covers to cover your bed.


The hall cum dining

You have to pay special attention while you decorate the hall cum dining room because all your guests will sit in this room. You can keep a modern and trendy sofa set and a dining table which will fill up most of the place. You can put up nice pictures on the walls and also use gorgeous wall hangings which will make your hall cum dining room really attractive. You need to buy cushion covers for your sofa set. You can cover your dining table with a very attractive and colourful table cloth and put a flower vase on top. You need to put up nice curtains on the doors and windows according to the colour of the walls. You need to decorate everything in style which will add the magic touch to your new rental home. You have to adjust everything in such a way that your small rental house looks quite spacious. You have to buy all the items keeping in mind the size of your rental house.

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