Six Must-Try Diet Plans for Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals

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In our current state today, it’s quite hard to lose weight or burn fat because of all the temptations. Lots of desserts and fancy restaurants that offers great food are rampant in any parts of the world and people don’t seem to bother overeating until they notice that they gained weight. It is only during that time that they’ll consider going to the gym and trying out different kinds of exercises that will make them fit. Others even buys different kinds of fitness equipment for their home gym so they can workout whenever they got nothing to do in their houses. But everyone should know that it’s not always about exercising. You should also have a good diet plan that will help you lose weight fast.

To know more, see the list below:

  1. The Military Diet

Fitness Goals

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 It is said that the military diet can help you lose at least 10 pounds per week. Often called the 3-day Diet, The Military Diet is a low-calorie diet plan that is followed for weeks in order to lose weight quickly. Others call it a “quick fix” for people who needs to lose weight faster than the usual. So what exactly do you eat on a military diet? According to Healthline, here are the ff food that you can eat:

  • Grapefruit, apples and bananas.
  • Whole wheat toast and saltine crackers.
  • Canned tuna fish.
  • Cottage cheese and hard cheddar cheese.
  • Meat of any kind, including processed meats like hot dogs.
  • Green beans, broccoli, carrots.
  • Peanut butter.
  1. Ketogenic Diet

Fitness Goals

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 Next is the very famous Ketogenic Diet. This diet plan is becoming one of the most reliable plans because of its effectivity and sustainability. While other nutritionists are mocking it, a lot of doctors still think this is the most effective way to lose weight. So what do you eat when you’re on a keto diet? The answer is this: everything is portioned. You still have protein and carbs but they’re lesser than the fats. You will eat 80% fat and the remaining 20% goes to, of course, protein and carbs. Your body will then adjust and use the fat as a source of energy for you to keep going.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Fitness Goals

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 Intermittent Fasting is also one of the most famous diet plans for people who wants to get fit. As per Wikipedia, Intermittent fasting is an umbrella term for various diets that cycle between a period of fasting and non-fasting during a defined period. Intermittent fasting can also be used with calorie restriction for weight loss. It’s not that easy but it’s also not that hard. You should just be disciplined enough to stick to your diet.

  1. Vegan Diet

Fitness Goals

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According to Medical News Today, Veganism is more of a way of life and a philosophy than a diet. A vegan does not eat anything that is animal-based, including eggs, dairy, and honey. Vegans do not usually adopt veganism just for health reasons, but also for environmental, ethical, and compassionate reasons.

  1. Raw Food Diet

Fitness Goals

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Raw Food Diet is not the most famous kind of diet but it is also becoming one of the most reliable especially for people who loves to eat raw foods. As per Health line, The raw food diet, often called raw foodism or raw veganism, is composed of mostly or completely raw and unprocessed foods.

A food is considered raw if it has never been heated over 104–118°F (40–48°C). It should also not be refined, pasteurized, treated with pesticides or otherwise processed in any way.

  1. Mediterranean Diet

Fitness Goals

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Lastly, the Mediterranean Diet. This may not be familiar to some but to others, it’s very well-known to the point that it didn’t just become a habit but a lifestyle. According to experts from Mayo Clinic, The Mediterranean diet incorporates the basics of healthy eating — plus a splash of flavorful olive oil and perhaps a glass of red wine — among other components characterizing the traditional cooking style of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Most healthy diets include fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains, and limit unhealthy fats. While these parts of a healthy diet are tried-and-true, subtle variations or differences in proportions of certain foods may make a difference in your risk of heart disease.

As you can see, getting fit is more than going to gym and using different fitness equipment, one must also have a disciplined lifestyle by taking a diet that would best suit your needs. Just focus and be determined. With that, you will surely be able to reach your goals.


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Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a writer for FitBiz, one of Australia’s top gym equipment providers that has a wide selection of high quality equipment. Mark writes to help people in their fitness goals and achieve them accordingly.

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