Six Picturesque Places to See in America

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There are a lot of wonderful places to visit in America but everyone is just busy going to the usual popular cities. Little did they know that there are also other places that are not that frequented yet are beautiful and breathtaking. America is a big place and with proper research and recommendations from friends, you will be able to locate the best places to enjoy with your family and loved ones.


Here are the six picturesque places to see in America:

  1. Grand Canyon


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Grand Canyon is one of the most picturesque places in America. It is located at the heart of Arizona and it has a great cultural impact because of its history and geological being. Many people are going here every single year and it is best to visit during sunset time. This should definitely be part of your bucket list.


  1. Skagit Valley Tulip Fields

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Skagit Valley Tulip Fields is also one of the most visually stunning places as it offers a variety of tulips that will surely take your breath away. Not a lot of people know this place so better put this in your itinerary and introduce it on social media by taking photos and posting them!



  1. Lake Crescent

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Lake Crescent is a very quiet and stunning place in Washington. This is one of the many favorites of film productions to shoot at especially horror films. There is just something about this place that will make you take photos until you lose your memory space. Lake Crescent should also be part of your itinerary!


  1. Hawksbill Crag

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Hawksbill Crag can be found at Kingston, Arkansas. It is a beautiful viewpoint of the rest of Arkansas. You would have to walk through steep trails in order to reach the rock tip at the end. This will be great for those who loves climbing up the mountains.


  1. Crater Lake

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Crater Lake in Oregon is definitely a picturesque place. It is a beautiful crater that is surrounded by snow and you could totally feel that the place is cold just by looking at the picture. It is very famous for its blue colored water and deep sea capacity.


  1. Angel Oak Tree

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Angel Oak Tree is a very beautiful grungy tree that can be found in Charleston, South Carolina. It is over 60 feet tall and it has a wide canopy. As per Wikipedia, the tree is believed to be 400 years old. Better grab those bags and visit Angel Oak Tree and take photos for your instagram!


America is a beautiful place but everyone should know that there are also other great places that are not normally visited by people that must definitely be frequented like the ones listed above.


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