Six Simple Ways You Can Enjoy A Retreat

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Going to a retreat is a way to reflect, heal and better your spiritual and mental state. As per Miriam Webster, a retreat is an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable. It is a way to throw the negative things away and start building positivity in your mind and body.  While there are a lot of different types of retreat based on different kinds of religion, still it’s main purpose is for people to move forward in life.


A lot of people enjoy going to a retreat because they get to know people and they also get to know more about themselves. It is also their way of escaping reality. But there are still some who find it boring and cheesy. If you want to find ways to enjoy a retreat, see the list below:

  1. Bring A Book

 It won’t hurt to bring a book. You are right when you think there will be boring times but you don’t have to deprive yourself from reading your favorite book. During those hours where your instructor asked you to go back to your room for a break of activities, don’t use it as a way to feel lazy and bored about things. Read any type of book you want so you will at least have some fun in that sacred place.

  1. Bring Your Favorite Snacks

Yes. Even if there’s food available for the guests in the retreat house, it is still best to bring you favorite snacks. Trust me, you will find yourself munching from time to time and it is best to have your favorite snack with you especially if you are in a diet.

  1. Get To Know People

 Get to know the people because you have to. You did not just go there for a time for yourself. You must also engage yourself with other people. Retreat is not only about oneself. It is also about embracing the people around you and learning to love and understand them even more. Who knows, you might find a new friend or if God permits, he may give you a new lover.

  1. Play Games

 Play games. Bring your chess board or any other board games. Have a time to chill. Relax and invite your new-found friends to play with you. Retreat may be a serious matter but it’s always best to have fun from time to time so you will not find things boring.

  1. Participate in The Activities

 It is important to participate in the activities because you will surely learn more about yourself and about other people as well. Think of it as a way to get out of your comfort zone. There will be activities wherein you would have to introduce yourself to other people in a creative way. There will also be games as well so enjoy!

  1. Have A Time For Yourself

 When you are done mingling, try at least to have a time for yourself. Reflect and see things in a whole new perspective. Think of all the bad things that happened to you and be grateful about the fact that you overcame all of them. Forgive the people who hurt you and better yourself for a wonderful future. Alone time doesn’t mean self-pity time, it means that you are now brave enough to be independent as well.

Retreat doesn’t have to be just about your spiritual and mental needs, it also has to be fun and exciting as well!

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