Six Ways to Enjoy a Retreat Alone.

Retreat Alone,

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Having a retreat is probably one of the greatest things you can do this 2018. It’s one of those activities where you will surely be able to learn a lot about yourself and you will also be able to learn about life and other people. Retreat is a very sacred activity that is mostly administered by a facilitator who will teach the words of God to the participants. If you ever happen to go on a retreat alone, don’t fret.


Here are six ways to enjoy a retreat even if you are alone:


  • Take Notes

Retreat Alone

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Being alone will make you realize a lot of things. It is important to write down your thoughts throughout the whole process. It is also important to take note of everything that you’ve learned from the retreat.

  • Me-Time

 Retreat Alone

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 Being alone in a retreat place is a good idea because you will have a time for yourself and you will also learn a lot about yourself. Take this opportunity to appreciate yourself even better so that you will also be a better person to somebody else.

  • Realizations

Retreat Alone

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 Like what is said, you will realize a lot of things when you have a retreat especially when you do it alone. It’s important to recount all the blessings that you received and forget about all the bad memories that will do you no good.

  • Take Photos

Retreat Alone

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 Take photos. Take selfies. Being on a retreat doesn’t have to mean having a social media detox. It’s great to capture memories!

  • Take Videos

Retreat Alone

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 Of course, you may also try taking videos of yourself and also the whole experience of the retreat so whenever you feel sad and worried you can always look back at a video and tell yourself that you can be happy once again.

  •   Make Friends

Retreat Alone

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Make friends! There are also other people who may be going through what you are going through that is why it is important to be friendly and polite to others.


Author bio:

Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a writer for Kims, one of Australia’s perfect beach retreat places that offers a cluster of deluxe timber bungalows and spa villas on the beach. Mark also gives out guides and tips for people regarding on how the can enjoy their vacation and trips around the world.

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