Sleep deprivation effects on children

If your child has issues with concentrating on a task, has lost or gained weight suddenly or has condition been impulsive lately then its most probably due to lack of adequate sleep. Sleep deprived children can have far worse effects than adults. As adults, we have learned and developed ways of controlling our decisions, thoughts and behavior to some extent even under such conditions, but children need to process a greater deal of information on daily basis for which they need ample amount of sleep. If only their mind and body are given enough rest, they can cope up with their daily development.Flickr-Infant-Sleeping-Indian-300x224

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Just like seeds have the most nutrients and chemical activity going on in them, childhood is full of such vigorous developmental stages. There is so much going on in that stage of life, you learn things about the world around you and yet you are growing mentally, physically and emotionally as well. Sleep deprived children tend to lose concentration and remain drowsy all day long. Others may show symptoms like being hyper-active which may be difficult for you to understand whether he/she wants to sleep or play or work more. In reality, the hyper-active sleep deprived children are in greater loss, as they are constantly utilizing all the energy into playing and being naughty around the house or school without sufficient rest which can lead to severe adverse effects on their development and progress.

Over the time, their body clock gets disturbed leading to long term effects as obesity, diabetes, anxiety and even acute depression. It can have severe psychological and physical health issuesas well like cardiovascular problems. Since lack of sleep has eminent effect on immune system, such kids have a higher risk of these diseases imagesalong with psychological disorders for example ADHD. Your child can be emotionally unstable because of this and lets not forget, that the habits developed in this part of life are going to stick around way longer than you would think, they may become part of your child’s nature and personality. Therefore it is very important to deal with this problem at the very beginning by managing the sleep routine regularly before your kid starts showing these symptoms or before it develops into a habit.

Sleep deprivation can lead to constant fatigue as well and in this way, proper development of the body , muscles and bones likewise is difficult. As your child wouldn’t want to take part in exercises or sports which are essential for growth. Also, it can affect on your child’s social activities like making friends, socializing, even as simple as behaving nicely to others.

Consequently, if your child is not having proper sleep, it is important that you take action now. Remember not just the quantity but the quality of sleep also matters. It is equally essential that your child is not disturbed while sleeping hours as that can lead to agitated behavior. Enough sleep at night is the first step for a happier and healthier day.

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