Start Your Own Catering Business In 4 Easy Steps

Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect, if you are well prepared and you have faith in what you are doing then anything is possible, don’t be put off by the fear of failure. It is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried and wonder what could have been. In this article I will outline 4 easy steps to follow in order to start your own successful catering business.


Start At Home

The best way of starting your catering business is to try it out from home first. Develop a small customer database amongest friends and family, see if you can do a good enough job, if the customers are happy word of mouth will then begin to make your customer base grow naturally. You will reach a point in which it will be impossible to carry on from home as your kitchen won’t provide either the equipment or space necessary to cater multiple events., when this happens you know it is time to take it full time and get your own premises.

Finding Suitable Premises

The beauty of a catering business is that you don’t need high street premises as is the case with a restaurant or café, this saves a huge amount of money and makes it much easier to find somewhere. The only stipulation is for it to have plenty of room and ventilation, everything else can be bought or fitted if required.

Equipment & Personnel

Getting professional equipment will make your job a thousand times easier, everything is bigger, more powerful, more efficient and more effective for what you want to make. Companies such as Target Catering Equipment sell everything you need to start your own professional catering kitchen then it is just up to you to hire the personnel to help you. This is the most difficult part of any business, hiring people that both have the capabilities and are as passionate as you, a good idea is to consider training apprentices, this saves money and gets you a person who is young and enthusiastic.

Marketing & Expansion

When you have successfully upscaled and you feel that you have the capability to expand further and still give the same level of service think about investing in some marketing. Nowadays this includes mobile, digital and traditional marketing techniques than can increase revenue by a large amount. It is a big initial outlay but is definitely worth it in the long run if you want to change your small to medium sized business in to a large business with multiple premises across the country.


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