Summer 2017: What’s hot and what’s not in the modest fashion scene

Summer has been in full swing for quite some time now and the fashion scene is getting as hot as the summer sun! There are many trends that came out of the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion shows and we cannot wait to try them on.

While the typical summer trends may not be readily modest friendly, there are some trends that will still retain their summer chicness when paired with a modest twist. Sadly, there are some that no matter how much you try, will not work in your favour.

Let’s take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the modest fashion scene right now so that you can start turning up your summer fashion game up a notch.

What’s hot: stripes

If your idea of stripes is nautical French Riviera, put that idea aside (at least for Summer 2017). Instead, think of them is burst of cheerful colours that remind you of tropical paradises like Hawaii and Rio de Janeiro. The best part about this trend is that there are so many ways to wear it.

The key word for this trend: experiment.

Channel your inner Frida Kahlo with a long, full striped skirt in vibrant colours that converges with each other. Flowy maxi skirts and long tunics in stripes prints will give you a folksy vibe while vertical, pyjama-like stripes oozes masculinity and comfort. A striped modest maxi dress is also a staple if you are not keen on layering.

What’s not: peekaboo clothing

Pastel-coloured tulle made into ballerina-inspired tops, skirts and dresses were big on the runways and streets of London Fashion Week. Even though It Girls like Bella Hadid and Maria Grazia look amazing in peekaboo clothing, it is not appropriate for women who dress modestly. Of course, you can line the semi-opaque fabric and cover exposed areas with modesty-saving embellishments but that will take away the point of the garment.

What’s hot: jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are back this summer and they are on fire! Like maxi dresses, try finding jumpsuits that tick your modesty checklist as much as possible to avoid layering it with another piece of clothing. Jumpsuits are great because with the right styling, you can definitely bring it from day to night with the right shoes, accessories and makeup.

Despite its versatility, many women still shy away from jumpsuits because it can be tricky to find the right jumpsuit for your body shape. However, with the right knowledge and a little bit of patience, we are know that you will be united with THE jumpsuit for you.


What’s not: off-shoulder or cold-shoulder tops and dresses

Sun-kissed shoulders are one of the most coveted assets this summer so it is no wonder that women of all ages sporting shoulder-baring tops and dresses. Although this bare-shoulder trend can be easily adopted by any modest girl, it may not be the best option during the height of the summer heat. Since the key to wear this trend modestly is by layering a tee or a button-down shirt to cover the décolleté, it can be very hot and uncomfortable when you are out and about under the sun.

What’s hot: minimalism

For Summer 2017, adopt the “less is more” fashion approach. While we support mixing and matching your clothes, try to not mix more than two trends in your ensemble. The idea behind this philosophy is to highlight one key focal point and make it the most exciting item you have on. So, the next time you are thinking to get a new burkini for the summer, try to keep it simple with a vibrant colour (ala Lindsey Lohan) or an interesting cut.

In a nutshell

From psychedelic stripes to minimalist approach to style, the upbeat trends of Summer 2017 will definitely keep you on your toes. However, try to tread the warm-weather trends cautiously because not everything will go well with a modern twist. We hope that our simple guide will change your summer outlook. Good luck!

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