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Artificial rubber shares identical characteristics with natural rubber, being an elastomer or polymer substance crafted through manufacturing processes.

It’s created through polymerization, wherein various monomers, derived from either petroleum or plant sources, undergo a process to form extensive polymer chains.

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The primary variants of synthetic rubber include styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), polybutadiene rubber (BR), neoprene rubber (CR), and nitrile rubber (NBR).

Top exporters of synthetic rubber globally include South Korea, the United States, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Key Details About the Synthetic Rubber Price Trend:

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Industrial Uses Impacting synthetic rubber Price Trend:

Synthetic Rubber Price Trend

Synthetic rubber serves as a fundamental material in various applications, particularly in the automotive industry where it’s extensively used for manufacturing belts, hoses, and tire components. Its role extends to enhancing grip, durability, and resilience in tire treads, sidewalls, and inner liners.

Moreover, synthetic rubber finds its place in creating seals, gaskets, and industrial components that are crucial in preventing leaks and ensuring the efficient functioning of engines, pumps, and various machinery.

Beyond automotive applications, this versatile material is integral in producing athletic footwear due to its ability to offer enduring support and cushioning while withstanding wear. It’s also a key ingredient in industrial adhesives.

Additionally, synthetic rubber plays a vital role in the production of roofing, waterproofing products, insulation, and soundproofing materials, highlighting its versatility across different industries.

Key Players:

  • Sinopec
  • DuPont
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • ExxonMobil
    Synthetic Rubber Price
  • Kumho Petrochemical Company Ltd

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