Tag Heuer Sunglasses: Top Four Reasons To Choose High Performance Eyewear

Since it began in 1860, TAG Heuer has achieved enormous recognition and accolades for innovating its line of products. While the French brand, established by Edouard Heuer, is more popularly known for its exquisite timepieces, it has branched out into eyewear with spectacles that have been crafted for more than just eye protection.


These days, your sunglasses are likely to be used for more than just walking around the city or lying on the beach under the heat of the sun. You might be sailing, hiking, climbing, car racing, and doing all sorts of adventurous activities, which means you are going to need high performance eyewear all throughout. Here are five reasons to choose Tag Heuer sunglasses as your high performing eyewear.

1. Provides 100 percent protection against UVA and UVB rays, including harmful blue light (also known as high-energy visible radiation).

TAG Heuer’s lenses are made for full protection against harmful UV rays. Overexposure to UVA has been known to cause certain types of cataracts while UVB is thought to cause “snow blindness,” which leads to temporary (24 to 48 hours) vision loss. By wearing branded sunglasses that protect you from all harmful UV rays — wherever you — you limit the risk of eye damage after extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

2. Lens quality is also developed for visual comfort, in any environment

Whether you need prescription sunglasses or not, TAG Heuer’s sunnies deliver visual comfort with photo chromic lens quality. The lens actually adapts to current luminosity according to the activity you are engaged in, from walking a trail to playing golf in the afternoon. Optical comfort is also gained through the combination of photo chromic and polarised lens, which has three layers of anti-reflective coating so you drive safely in any condition.

 3. Ergonomic design enables peak performance

The French brand’s sunnies are crafted for action — for whatever extreme sports you dabble in. With design collaborators such as Nascar’s Kurt Bush and Audi Sports, you are sure to get sunglasses engineered to adapt to extreme conditions. Of course, TAG Heuer does not just produce high performance eyewear; there are also refined, luxurious sunglasses designed for simple activities like drinking espresso or reading the paper outdoors. The seamless construction of the brand’s frame is also ideal for complex lens types such as bifocals and varifocals.

4. Materials deliver exceptional durability and beauty

Frames that adapt to your every move, maintaining perfect hold. Aerospace-grade materials such as beta-titanium and carbon fiber for weightless durability. Elastomer delivering ultimate ease in enhanced ergonomics. And with the combination of lavish materials, from python to calfskin leather, TAG Heuer sunglasses make for perfectly stylish accessories in chic.

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