Tenant Eviction- How to Get it Done Rightly?

Evicting your tenant is not an easy task because it is about removing someone from their home. You must have strong grounds to prove your point in the court otherwise tables can turn anytime. No landlord wants to even think of it. It is only in the extreme situations that a landlord has to take such a harsh step. The tenant eviction is exhausting and many times, emotional too for many landlords.

It costs you time, money, and mental peace. Make sure you hire the right person for the eviction service who won’t let your resources go in vain.

Why does a landlord want to evict his Tenants?

There can be any reason why a landlord wants to evict his tenants. The most common out of all those is non-payment of rent. If your tenant is not following the tenancy terms and conditions, you can get him evicted. When a landlord rents his property, he expects his tenants to pay rent in a timely manner and follow all the terms and conditions properly. If so doesn’t happen, it can create a lot of issues between the landlord and tenant. Following such a situation, a landlord can opt for tenant eviction and get legal help to get it done.

Tenant Eviction Process- What you must do?

1.Know your State Laws
The landlord-tenant laws are different for different states. You must know your state laws and follow the right tenant eviction process to avoid any kind of hassle. Knowing your state laws will help you in knowing what you can legally do to evict your tenants. You will also be able to plan the whole tenant eviction process legally. You better don’t take the law in your hands and always involve court while doing the eviction.

2.Learn the Agreement
The tenancy agreement is not only for your tenants, but it is for you as well. Before you take any action, you must go through it properly. You must also know about your tenant’s personality and plan how to deal with them. There would be some tenants who would like to leave your property after receiving the tenant eviction notice because they want to avoid an upcoming headache and judgment against them. There are many tenants who would fight back to get proved right. No matter what, you must have the proper knowledge of your lease or agreement to make sure the tenants don’t bother you during the eviction.

3.Send Tenant Eviction Notice
After you have known your state laws and the learnt what is mentioned in your tenancy agreement, the next step is to draft a tenant eviction notice and send it to your tenants. It is a written request by the landlord to the tenants to ask them to leave their property. You must mail it directly to the tenant via certified mail. You must know that it is not the legal document from the court. You must give some relevant time to your tenant to leave your property. You must keep in mind that only the court has the right to evict your tenants who do not agree to leave your property. There are different types of eviction notices. You must frame yours in accordance with your situation.

4.Proceed in the Court
It is not legal for the landlords in any state to take the law in their own hands and do what must not be done like changing the locks, stopping the utilities or physically remove a tenant. Instead of doing all this, you must file your eviction case with the local lawsuit or hire a professional firm to do the same for you. You will have to present all the evidence in the court in original and copy to avoid any kind of bother. If necessary, you must also bring the eye witnesses to the court.

If everything goes well in your favour, the court will schedule the eviction and let your tenants know about the time in which they will have to leave your property. The tenants will have to cooperate and leave your property in the mentioned time period. The sheriff will make sure that they do so in the specified time and don’t bother their landlords any further.

Tenant eviction is a sad thing because no one likes to remove people from his/her home. There are only extreme conditions when the landlords opt for tenant eviction. To avoid such circumstances, the landlords must avail the tenant referencing services to make sure that only suitable tenants apply for their property.


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