The Beauty of Vintage Wedding Dresses

Choosing a vintage dress for your wedding signifies that you have a keen eye for fashion. Gowns from the 1920s to 1970s are a popular choice for modern weddings. The wedding industry is seeing an amazing demand for vintage dresses right now. Not just for the bride – all the key member sof the wedding party, e.g. mother of the bride, mother of the groom, bridesmaids etc., can think about wearing vintage dresses. Moreover, vintage dresses make wedding celebrations seem to come from a bygone era, which increases their charm.


If want to enjoy the trend for vintage dresses, follow the tips below:

Search family heirlooms

Before you start visiting expensive wedding boutique outlets, consider asking your family if they have any vintage gowns. Ask you mother and grandmothers if they have still kept their old gowns. You may need to do some alterations, which will cost you a small amount. However, the dress itself will be free.

Know your measurements

Your precise measurements are more important than the dress sizes.  Sizes of brides and body shapes have varied over the years, so finding a vintage dress can be complicated. Size 10 in the 1930s and size 10 today are very different. So it’s important that you do not choose your dress based only on size but on your measurements instead.

Consider specialist cleaning

Specialist cleaning is important because vintage dresses can be more than 40 years old. Specialist dress cleaners will require you to pay more.

See if the vintage dress will be comfortable

Vintage dresses are not that comfortable, because they are not new and the fabric might be stiff. So make sure you try the dresses  on well before deciding to wear any of them on your big day. So to make it easier to wear, never forget the pre-wedding trials and make any adjustments you need to in plenty of time.

Mirror the wedding theme

The wedding theme should match your vintage dress’s style and charm. Finding the perfect vintage wedding dress to match your theme won’t be easy. If you are concentrating on a particular era, select your dress first and then decide everything else on the basis of its colour and design.

Choose a vintage inspired dress

Rather than going for an antique dress, consider less expensive reproductions of vintage inspired gowns. Today’s fashion features vintage style so you will find plenty of choice in the shops. A fragile vintage wedding dress will tear more easily than a modern dress that is more robustly made.


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