The Best VR Headsets Available In The Market 2016!

The technology has become integral part of our lives. And virtual reality makes it even more interesting part of our lives. VR gadgets are becoming highly popular these days and VR Headset is one of the biggest examples of it. Virtual reality is the attraction of 2016 because it is the year that boosts the probability of PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that have taken the medium level of the mainstream.

For inexperienced, VR is an opportunity of getting an amazing experience in which the movements of your head are efficiently followed in an efficient three-dimensional world, making it in a perfect world suited to games and even to the movies. While VR was a non-starter in early 90s, designers are presently making incredible experiences that look set to revolutionize the entertainment and gaming industry.

However, there are so many options available when you go and search for the VR Headset but not all of them are listed in the best category. Therefore, it will require you to do a lot of research if you want to make sure that you don’t make the wrong decision regarding VR Headset purchase. Below are few popular and trusted VR Headset which will help you to feel the best experience of VR Headset technology!

  1. HTC Vive: The HTC Vive was made in a joint effort with PC games giant Valve; the makers of unbelievable gaming arrangement Half-Life and the gaming stage Steam. The HTC Vive connects to PCs and work with Valve’s ecosystem mammoth gaming. It packs in 70 sensors to offer 360-degree head-tracking and 90Hz revive rate; the stat that is critical to keeping down inactivity, which is the specialized term for the impact that causes motion sickness. Thanks to this technology, that wasn’t an issue in our review time.
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  3. Oculus Rift: Oculus Rift is an advanced headset that began the present hysteria. Created by Palmer Luckey, financed through Kickstarter and gobbled up by Facebook for a cool $2 billion, the Rift connects to your PC’s DVI and USB ports and tracks to give 3D symbolism on its stereo screens.11
  4. Sony PlayStation VR: PS VR will be introducing ‘good’ VR to many people. It’s not impeccable but rather it’s following console gamers hard and, at last, it is still a genuinely great PS4 accessory. There’s nothing else in the PS VR’s classification of value however reasonable VR; in this manner it is the benchmark for mainstream VR console.
  5. Samsung Gear VR (2016): The new Samsung Gear VR doesn’t look much different to its forerunner however it has a few redesigns that make it absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. There is no more tremendously irritating lens fog due to brand new vents and more space inside the headset.
  6. Google Cardboard: Google declared its Cardboard virtual reality headset route back at I/O 2014. Popping a phone into a cardboard compartment and after that strapping it to your head may seem like a joke, yet it really works and is a minimal effort approach to experience amazing virtual reality.
  7. Google Daydream View: Google claims View is 30% lighter than other mobile headsets available – no names named yet we’d figure they mean the most up to date Samsung Gear VR. For the time being, it’s only compatible with Google’s new Pixel telephone which is Daydream prepared. Still, we’re expecting good smartphones from HTC, Samsung and Sony etc. For controls, you’ll utilize the Daydream controller that goes with the headset which is included into the bundle.
  8. Microsoft HoloLens: Not a copycat of the popular VR headsets, Microsoft HoloLens mixes virtual and augmented reality to make a standout amongst the most ambitious launches ever planned – you can get it now in case you’re interested. The gadget blends real-world elements with virtual “holographic” pictures, which mean that you can take a look at your Minecraft world on your kitchen table, or stroll around the surface of Mars in your living room.
  9. Razer OSVR HDK 2: Razer’s OSVR is not an opponent to the likes of PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Rather, it’s planned to make life less demanding for designers to make applications for VR equipment, without technical (programming and hardware) limitations getting in their direction.
  10. Ptron VR Headset: The Ptron Xtreme 360 Virtual Reality Headset blocks the light and gives you a chance to drench in a game or movie more than ever. With this Xtreme 360 VR Headset, you can now appreciate the 3D experience with home with your beloved smartphone without the need of 3D glasses. VR glasses are made of environment-friendly ABS and circular spherical lens resin in a completely locked design. It allows you to walk around and experience virtual reality in all its excellent 3D transcendence.


  1. Fove VR: Fove VR is much different from PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift on the grounds that it offers intelligent eye- tracking. Inside the headset is an infrared sensor that monitors the wearer’s eyes; offering both a higher level control method and an edge on its rivals when it is the matter of realism.

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