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We all love following the ‘trending’ fashion (Of course!! who would like to be tagged as ‘old fashioned’?!!). Also, we leave no stones unturned to ape our favorite celebs (its ok!! We all do it). From coping Federer’s hairstyle to drooling over the blue mini dress worn by Diane Kruger at the Cannes, we just love every move they make in the world of fashion. Similarly, we can’t take our eyes off Brad Pitt, rocking in a pair of men’s black brogues (absolutely breathtaking!!).

The advertising specialists have reportedly admitted the impact of celebs on the buyers while shopping for the apparels and accessories. They have further added that there is no such gender related sense when it comes to following the celebrity fads. Interesting, right?!!! So turn to the next section to catch the voguish trend of celeb special custom made shoes online.

Make way for the ‘Sneaker heads’ – The ultimate pair of cleats to carry off the ‘cool’ quotient, the leather sneakers for men are perhaps the best pair to compliment the casual attire. Wear them to the casual Sunday lunch or use them as them the ‘running shoes’, the quintessential comfort level would remain unaltered. Now, quiz time. Name the favorite kind of clogs enhanced by Eminem in almost all of his concerts. Ok, don’t freak out! They are the pair of sneakers. Another strong reason to join his fan club?!!!


  • Delve deep in style with the Men’s black brogues – Aren’t Brogues equivalent to the pair of formal shoes for men? Now, before all that frowning starts, it is true that the pair of brogues were mainly designated for pairing up with the formal attire. But now, the semi black brogue shoes online, manifested in the form of the Derby or the Oxford, team up the best with business suit, skinny jeans or V- neck sweater.

  • Stir up with the Monk Straps– The modernized version of the leather sandals worn by Monks, the Double Monk elevator shoes are till date the best option for an all-around work shoe. For the everlasting investment in comfort and durability, purchase your pair of single or double strap, leather or suede, and for the best results , pair it up with an informal pair of jeans or the formal suit, and get the celeb like feel.

PS- The Monk Straps are mainly worn by celebs with an Oscar de la Renta Suit on the red carpet. Try it yourself!!

  • Moccasins or the loafers? Call it by whichever you prefer, the choice is entirely yours. But, the Cherry brown penny loafers online had never been out of vogue. The staple part of man’s wardrobe since 1950s, they continue to woo the shoe lovers with its variations in textures and colors. Wear it with or without the socks, they augment the looks by blending with short pants, khakis, chinos or jeans.


So, the story ends here but not the search for the ideal pair of shoes.



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