The Unique World of NATO Band and Its Characteristics

While there are many other options are available now for notice the time, therefore; the wristwatch is nowadays considered as a style statement article, instead of a mere timepiece. Within 5 centuries, after invention of the watch in 15th century, the clock or watch has completed a long journey and reached today’s position with an elegant look and perfection. The scientific development ant technological advancement paved the way for the massive changes in watches, especially in wristwatch segment. In the world of computer, the erstwhile mechanical watches are being replaced gradually by more advanced quartz or electronic watches, which are predominantly powered by nano batteries.


The Watch Strap or Band

In the earlier times, people were accustomed with the supplied straps, supplied with the wristwatches, by the manufacturing company. The primary criteria of such bands were the longevity and nothing else because the culture of using a timepiece was very rare and nobody bothered about any other issue, regarding the watch. But in the changed time; nowadays an individual is too conscious about the look and style and for this reason he takes more initiative to get a stylish outfit and also accessories that could make his presence an enviable one among other counterparts. The shabby looking black or brown band is a non entry now and wristwatch bands, made from different materials, are now the in fashion, especially among the youth and professional people.

Nato Band and its Varieties

Although there is a military model but the Nato Band has nothing to do with the conglomeration of countries, NATO. This is a simple wristwatch band, made of nylon and having two rings, which are being used for fastening and holding the straps. There are lots of variants of this type of band, which are being manufactured, by various manufacturing units, throughout the globe. These different variants are available with abundance of color composition and of different raw material, apart from basic nylon. Some of the top quality varieties of this particular band are as follows:


  1. The Military Model Segment: The Popularity of the NATO Band is primarily for its sturdy look and obviously for the durability. The color combinations and the elegantly designed stripes are making this band a must-have for a growing number of people. The military model is a very popular one because of these aforementioned factors and people of almost all age don’t hesitate to try it to get a sporty and tough stylish look. Some of the sub variants of this segment are as mentioned below:
  • Maroon Khaki Strap: The raw material used in preparing this strap is Ballistic nylon, which is coming with 2 – piece and considered to be the best for its strong and durable characteristics. The all important keeper rings are also made of the same raw material. The average length of this strap is more than 7 inches, which provides enough room for any size of wrist. There are 8 numbers of precision holes, laser drilled, which ensures the comfortable, as well as, smooth fitting of the wristwatch with complete security.
  • Other Items: Apart from this, there are other color combinations available in this segment, which is known as: Black Grey Skunk Band, Purple Band, Navy Band, Olive Green Military Band, Black Red James Bond Band, Green Red Black Band etc. All these bands are made from ballistic nylon and coming in 2 pieces with 8 laser holes for better fittings of wristwatches.
  1. Ballistic Segment: These models are also made of ballistic nylon and a Nato strap comes in 2 pieces. Though these bands are soft but considered to be the most durable item due to its quality raw material. The available variants are: Black Brown James Bond Premium, Black Burnt Orange James Bond Premium, Navy White Skunk Premium, Black Double Grey Orange Premium, Navy Green Skunk Premium etc. These models are coming with 3 rings, made of high quality gold plated stainless steel material that ensures the strength and durability. There are 13 laser drilled holes in each band and the extended length of about 11 inches helps the user to adjust the length as per the requirements.
  2. RAF Bands: The same ballistic nylon is used as basic raw material in making these particular bands, which are coming in 1 piece and with 3 rings. All these bands are single colored and this made this band different in look from other variants. Some of the premium models are there for intending customers, such as; Orange Premium Strap, Black Premium Strap, Khaki Strap, Olive Green Strap, Grey Premium Strap, Khaki Brown Premium, Black Maroon Green James Bond etc. and all these bands are too attractive to woo potential users. The unique features of these bands include; the 11 numbers of precision holes, made by laser pressure, and the average length of 10 inches are helpful in adjusting the fittings.

Availability and Procurement of NATO Band

As this article is a very popular and widely used by a variety of users; you can find this item in almost every shop in your nearby region and also in present day’s trendy shopping malls, where not only branded but locally made good quality bands are available with huge variety. The online retail shops are another place, where one can find an enormous amount of variety, which makes it easier for any intending buyer to select and procure the chosen article without even stepping out of his drawing room or study.

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