Tips for Buying a Complete BMX Bike

In the last few years, complete BMX bike purchases have increased dramatically. Previously, when you wanted to buy a top quality bike, you’d have to build from scratch. But now you can find a great bike with high quality parts from a reliable brand. Before buying, know what type of bike you’re looking for and what features you need on your bike. If you’re in search of a new BMX bike, below are a few tips for you to help you with your search.

Know your intentions

Some bikes are particularly designed for specific types of riding, thus you must decide the main purpose of getting a complete BMX bike. You might want to ride on streets, in the park, on flat land, or in the dirt. So, know the basic use of your bike. Although you can buy any bike to ride on various surface types, there are a few features which make some bikes better than others. Those features are discussed below.


Look for chromemoly

Chromemoly is a very durable and lightweight alloy metal from which high quality forks, BMX frames, and bars are designed. There are various BMX bikes that use high tensile steel for designing the forks, frames, and bars in BMX bikes. This actually makes the bike heavier and less durable. Thus, while buying a complete BMX bike, you must check how much chromemoly is used on a bike. For example, if you have two options of BMX bikes to buy, check the amount of chromemoly used in the tubing. Focus on the chainstays, downtube, and forks, as they are most vulnerable to dent.


Look for sealed bearings

When there are sealed bearings in the headsets, bottom brackets, and wheels of your bike, this will allow you to enjoy a longer and smoother ride. With unsealed bearings, you might save some money, but they require more maintenance. And if you skip this maintenance, the bearings may become loose and start wobbling. This will damage your entire bike and you won’t enjoy riding it anymore. When researching bikes,  pay attention to the descriptions and if the bearings are sealed. For example, if you read “sealed cassette hub”, then the bearings are sealed.


Pick the most appropriate size

You might think that due to just a few inches there won’t be a drastic change in the way you feel while riding. Wrong. Usually, bikes have 20-inch top tubes, but this can be small for many riders. Most bikes now come with 20.5 inches and even 21.5 inch top tubes. Unlike early BMX models, you can now find bikes with better and wider handlebars. You always have the option for cutting them down per your choice, but this option wasn’t available with narrow handlebars.


Small parts play a different role

The elements of a BMX bike are fully responsible for providing you a good or bad riding experience and they also determine the price of your bike. Thus, it’s necessary for you to check out different parts in order to verify the quality of your bike. Whenever you buy a bike that belongs to a renowned brand, be assured that quality will be high and you’ll save money in the long term.


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