Tips to Pack Every Room in Your Home

Packing of household products for moving is a tedious task. It requires a careful and sensible approach as each room in the house has a different requirement. Packing your entire household in a short span is exhausting. Therefore, we have summed up a few ideas of packing different items of different rooms.

  1. Start with areas which are not of major use like Living Room and Dining Room:

Items and furniture placed in the living room and dining room are generally heavy and delicate like electronic audio-video gadgets, showcase and heavy furniture, etc. It is recommended to use the original packaging for such items but if not available then you can use suitable moving boxes and fill the space left with bubble wrap. Use cardboard sheets on the top of the screen to avoid damages.

Same goes with heavy furniture while using suitable moving boxes. Seal the boxes well being fragile.

Tip: While disconnecting the wires of the electronic items either label each wire or take a picture of how wires are connected for easier re-connection after the move.

  1. Moving towards Kitchen:

Kitchen is probably the hardest room to pack when you are moving.  Excluding food items, a kitchen has more objects of dissimilar shapes and sizes than any other room in the home. For packing these items different sizes of moving boxes will be required. Things like oven, mixer, grinder and other electronics should be wrapped with bubble wrap and kept in double wall cardboard boxes.

Sharp items like a knife should also be double wrapped and then placed in moving boxes. Also, those utensils that are fragile should be placed using bubble wrap and thermocol balls in double wall boxes.

  1. Bedroom:

The bedroom consists of all essential requirements of day to day life such as clothes, makeup essentials, electronic stuff, books and files and many more.

  1. Use wardrobe boxes to pack your clothes. Wardrobe boxes enable you to pack your expensive garments along with hangers to avoid wrinkles.
  2. Keep your shoes stuffed with crumpled paper and wrap them in packing paper before arranging them in moving boxes and fill the space with crumpled papers.
  3. Makeup essentials or vanity products including jewellery should be wrapped separately with good padding to ensure your rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces don’t get tangled or damaged during the move.
  4. Electronic stuff such as iron, hair drier, curler, straighter etc should be wrapped with bubble wraps and then placed in moving boxes.
  5. Books are amongst the heaviest items in the house. These should be packed in small size double wall boxes for protection.
  6. Last and smallest room is Bathroom:

While sorting through toiletries make sure that the lids of these items are properly tightened and that bottles or tubes won’t leak. Use zippered plastic bags to prevent leaks.  Do not keep toiletries and medicines together keep them separate. Use small moving boxes while packing bathroom stuff.

Above mentioned are some basic tips for your help while moving house. Remember to use good quality cardboard boxes and packaging material to keep all your items protected during the journey.


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