Today’s coronavirus update: Task force back on; theft and murder in a pandemic

The coronavirus task force is back on!

President Trump said Wednesday that the White House’s team for combating the virus will “continue on indefinitely”  — a day after he and Vice President Mike Pence said the group will begin to wind down.

The team will now focus more on rebooting the economy, as well as vaccines and therapeutics, Trump said.

Here’s what else we learned today: 

New York crisis:

Global pandemic:

  • Britain now has more coronavirus deaths than any other country in Europe, passing Italy for the first time since the pandemic took hold.
  • French citizens are being asked to fulfill their patriotic duty — and eat more cheese to help the dairy industry.
  • Students in Wuhan, China’s virus epicenter, went back to class wearing masks and undergoing thermal scans.

China under fire:

  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US government had not confirmed that a lab in Wuhan, China, accidentally released the virus.
  • China’s UN ambassador said the country won’t allow international experts to investigate the source of the outbreak until there’s a “final victory” in the fight against the virus — while it’s ambassador to the US wants American politicians to stop blaming Beijing for the pandemic.
  • As many as 100 companies want to ditch China for India because of the virus, according to an Indian official.


  • A New York City-based gay porn star is under fire for allegedly attending a packed party in flagrant disregard of social distancing guidelines.
  • The scientist who convinced British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to shut down the country resigned from his post — after he was caught violating social-distancing rules by meeting up with his married lover.
The suspected masked burglar
A suspected masked burglar stole from dozens of stores in NYC.DCPI

Crime during corona:



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