Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an AV Supplier

Every event that your venue hosts can be elevated and enhanced by the right audiovisual equipment and team. A world-class audiovisual equipment retail and distribution company can provide your business with a tailored solution to match your every need and ensure guests go home having had a world class dance experience.

But not every AV consultant company is created equal. The right AV company can elevate an event with tech-savvy transformations, resulting in maximum ROI and engagement. They can also ensure each of your needs are met with professional expertise and in a timely manner.

A quick Google search will immediately display hundreds of AV companies in your local area that can assist you with your requirements. But there’s a lot more to consider than just what’s displayed in the search results.

To get the most out of your venue’s audio visual supplier, here are some questions to ask before signing on the dotted line.

1. Can you walk me through the quote?

When you’re paying top dirham for unique expertise and craftsmanship, you want to make sure every penny is stretched to its limit.

It’s important to shop around when sourcing an audiovisual partner. Ask for quotes from multiple companies to see what those in your local area are charging to meet your required specifications. While sourcing the right AV partner for your needs, don’t forget to ask questions.

Receiving a quote is the perfect time to inquire about the complete process of their services and the equipment they recommend for installation. The right AV company for you is the company that can justify every piece of equipment listed in their quote.

If the AV company is unable to justify every cost or can’t clearly explain in layman’s terms why you need every piece of equipment listed in your quote, that’s a potential red flag that they may be trying to improve their bottom line.

2. How many years have you been in the business?

This is an important question to ask to determine the level of experience your potential AV partner has. Experience counts in any industry and so much more so with AV companies. Experience is a good indicator of how many successful venues your potential partner has planned or managed.

It’s also a good indicator of how in tune they are with technological advancements, how large their network of vendors and third-party contractors are, and their understanding of the tips and tricks necessary to make your venue truly stand out.


3. What are the skills and expertise of each team member?

You want to find an AV company that isn’t simply well-versed in one aspect of the industry. Different AV solutions require different skill sets. You should seek out an AV company that has depth and variety in a wide range of expertise within the industry.

Unpredictable things will happen no matter how prepared you are. The right AV company will have strong technical and support staff that can make sure that everything continues to operate in optimum condition without skipping a beat.

This is also a good time to get in contact with the project manager. It’s Important to know who to call when communicating your needs or any issues if they arise.

4. What technology do you use?

Technology is in a constant flux of updating. Advances in technology greatly impact many industries, including audiovisual. But new tech for the sake of new tech can be disastrous.

If they’re using new gear, confirm that the technology is proven and it works well. The latest and greatest in technology can create a standout venue and make the experience memorable, but if they’re unproven with this new tech, glitches may occur resulting in poor performance.

With lasers, projection mapping, AR, VR, and interactive screens now proliferating through AV event space, it’s good to know how your potential AV supplier will use such technology to enhance the guest experience.


5. Do you have references?

Due diligence is important with sourcing the right AV company for your business needs. It’s important to not just take their word for it. You need to ask for references.

References are useful insights in ensuring that the AV company in question can execute the agreed upon deliverables at a high-degree of experience and expertise.

When inquiring with referees, ask about the services that the AV company performed for them. Ask about a time that the referee was less than pleased with the desired outcome and how the company dealt with the situation.


Other questions to ask can be:

  • Results of their service
  • Their ability to handle conflict-resolution
  • How well they understood your needs
  • Their response times to questions or requests.


Asking references will give you solid information about the level of service they provide as well as any potential red flags you may need to address.


To get the most out of your AV supplier, they should not only be able to address the questions you put forth but also go above and beyond your expectations. Don’t be afraid to get into the nitty-gritty and the finest minute detail when sourcing the right AV company for your venue.


Having complete clarity on what to expect come the big day of opening, ensures success right out of the gate and limits frustration later on. You shouldn’t settle for just any old AV consultant. Look for a supplier that matches your needs and gets AV done correctly.




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Before becoming a successful businessman in the Audio Visual & Lighting industry, and before becoming his own boss, Mr. Haber had worked with the top lighting companies across the region. His professional experience carries as well, having taken a lot of lighting trainings around the world.



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