Top Common Fitness Myths You Should Know Right Now

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A lot of people, especially beginners, have this different impressions about fitness. May it be about lifting weights, the carbs, exercise during day or night and many more, people always have a lot to say about it without even knowing the truth. These are the so-called myths because they are believed by many but they actually aren’t true.

In the world of fitness, there are still uncertainty that is why this article will show you some of the myths that you should just look on.

  1. Carbs Are Bad

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Carbs are not as bad as everyone thinks. Carbs can actually be a tool for you to lose weight. Carbs als gives us energy to perform our daily tasks and exercises that is why it is not advisable to fully cut carbs away from our diet.


  1. Exercise Only During The Day

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While this is somehow true, still, exercise on your desired time. Some people have work and the only time that they have is at night that is why exercising at the most convenient time is your best choice. Sure it is more ideal to work out in the morning when you still have your full energy but even if you are already tired on your work and you decide to work out at night, all you have to do is think about your goals. It’s mind over matter.


  1. Girls Will Gain Huge Muscles When They Lift

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Girls fear that if they lift weights they will gain huge muscles but that is not true. It will take long years for you to have that. The benefits you will get is that you will lose your fat and you will improve your core. Girls don’t build the same amount of muscles as guys do so females should not be afraid in lifting weights. Promise, you will not get bulky, you will be more sexier.


  1. Eat Less To Lose Weight

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This is not good. Some people would totally stop eating and go on a detox diet to lose weight. While that can be an effective method, it is actually not sustainable. It can backfire in the end and you will go back to eating more and more carbs.


  1. Kettlebells Are Bad For Beginners


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Most of the time, fitness professionals will not advise you to use kettlebells as it  is designed differently to fit the hardcore gym rats but this is actually a myth. In fact, you can actually start your fitness life with a single kettlebell. You will surely reach your goals if you use it in the right way with proper focus and motivation. It is not as bad as everyone thinks it is.


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