Trendy technologies used in new cars

Currently, cars are more than just machines that can get a person to a certain destination in the most convenient manner. With the increase in traffic, there has subsequently been an increase in traffic laws to curb the rising number of accidents as well as to regulate the usage of the roadways. As such drivers need help to keep the laws and also to keep their driving experience relatively stress free and safe. This help comes in form of technological gadgets.
shutterstock_92869978.downloadBluetooth devices.

• It is illegal to text or make call when one is behind the wheel. Given that fact, this is where the Bluetooth devices come in.

• The device is connected to the car stereo system of the car and allows the driver to make and receive calls hands free and thus keep his hands on the steering wheel.
Dedicated navigation.
• As much as the more basic version of this device is found in most cars, the more advanced versions have made it look obsolete.
• The new models not only provide plain maps, they make use of actual imagery to provide the most relative navigation guide.
• By use of the imagery, it means that if one is guided by land marks once you come across them you are able to note that you are on the right track. This helps reduce chances of going off-course unknowingly.
Night vision.
• Humans are not nocturnal. As such when the sun sets, their vision is highly impaired and the assistance offered by the headlights does not offer much help.
• Because of this the night vision gadgets that make use of infrared technology to scout about the environment become of immense use.
• The images and information that is picked up by the infrared is displayed on a screen that is preferably on the dash board.
• Using this, the driver is able to see objects, people and things like trees beyond what the ordinary headlights will assist the driver to see.

Advance-cruise control.• Most cars already have a standard version of these very crucial gadgets.
• However, the more advanced version comes with even more life-saving features not to mention that it also makes driving less stressful for the driver.
• The gadget is able to maintain the required speed on a highway meaning that the driver can take his foot of the accelerating pedal.
• It can also monitor the distance between the car and other cars ahead of it. Supposing that the driver is absent minded or distracted, the gadget will make a warning sound when the distance becomes too close.
• The device can also apply brakes and operate the throttle as required.
• The even more advanced devices in this class are able to bring the car to a complete stop and accelerate it depending with the conditions.

Noting that some of the devices like the night vision require additional devices placed outside the car, it is important that before installation the owner of the vehicle gets dvla contact on in order to confirm the most appropriate part to attach them as there are laws against defacing or obstructing the registration plates.


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