Trump may give RNC speech, accept GOP nomination at White House

President Trump on Wednesday said he may move his Republican convention speech again due to the coronavirus pandemic — and accept the GOP nomination at the White House.

“It might be. It’s something we are thinking about,” Trump told reporters on the White House South Lawn. “We’re picking a location fairly soon.”

A traditional convention acceptance speech comes on the Thursday of a week packed with events building up to it. It’s an opportunity to harness intense coverage to reach voters who may not closely follow politics.

Due to COVID-19, Democrats all but canceled their convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Republicans followed suit after a surge in COVID-19 infections across the South.

Trump on Thursday abruptly canceled the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, and moved the remaining events back to the original site at Charlotte, North Carolina.

At a Tuesday evening press conference, Trump hinted that he may not go to Charlotte. Asked to confirm he would travel there, Trump replied, “Anybody have any ideas?  We’ll be announcing it very soon.”

Last month Trump pulled the RNC out of Charlotte and moved it to Jacksonville after North Carolina Democrats insisted on a pared back convention.


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