Trump rips ‘RUDE and NASTY’ Democrats in string of tweets

President Trump laced into Democrats on Saturday in a three-part tweetstorm, saying the party was obstructing progress on coronavirus relief.

“No matter what you do for the Do Nothing Democrats, no matter how GREAT a job you are doing, they will only respond to their Fake partners in the Lamestream Media in the negative, even in a time of crisis,” Trump fumed, recalling what he said was an unpleasant meeting between Senate Democrats and Vice President Mike Pence.

“They were RUDE and NASTY,” Trump said. “This is their political playbook, and they will use it right up to the election on November 3rd. They will not change because they feel that this is the only way they can win.”

Of course, the President has also not been above playing politics on COVID-19, sending out a fundraising message to his supporters Friday blasting Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as “crazy” and “un-American.”


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