Trump rips ‘scarred’ niece over ‘stupid, vicious’ tell-all book

President Trump blasted his niece’s tell-all book about the family as “stupid and so vicious” — and said he was most hurt by the accusations against his parents.

“She was not exactly a family favorite. We didn’t have a lot of respect or like for her. I would’ve never said that except she writes a book that’s so stupid and so vicious, and it’s a lie. My father was a great, wonderful man,” Trump told Chris Wallace in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

The president added that he didn’t spend much time with Mary Trump, and “now I’m glad.”

In the book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” Mary Trump described the president’s father Fred Trump as a “hard-functioning sociopath” who psychologically damaged his son.

Wallace asked the president if it hurt to be attacked by a family member.

“My father liked to win,” Trump responded.

“It hurts me more about attacking my father, not being kind to my mother. I have a mother who was like a saint. She was incredible. She was an incredible woman. And she was nasty even to my mother. She’s a very scarred person. She was not much of a family person,” Trump said.

The president defended his father, a New York real estate developer, as being tough, but said he was “tough on all of the kids.”

“But look, let me just tell you, my father was — I think he was the most solid person I’ve ever met. And he was a very good person. He was a very, very good person. He was strong, but he was good,” Trump said. “For her to say the kind of things — a psychopath, that he was a psychopath — anybody that knew Fred Trump would call him a psychopath?”

“For her to say, I think the word she used was psychopath, what a disgrace. She ought to be ashamed of herself. That book is a lie,” he continued.

Mary Trump’s book was published last week after clearing several legal hurdles from the Trump family, including that she was in violation of a non-disclosure agreement.

It sold nearly 1 million copies the first day it was published.


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