Trump tweets video of alleged ‘anarchists’ after George Floyd riots

President Trump on Monday tweeted a video allegedly showing anarchists at a protest against the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police.

“Anarchists, we see you!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The video depicts a white man dressed in black giving orders to a pair of young black men.

“These are your boys right here. This is the team. There’s more stuff that we can put out here. Hey, there’s three picnic tables up here,” the man says.

The video appears to have been shot in Columbus, Ohio.

Trump did not provide a videographer credit or give a location description, but The Guild House restaurant in Columbus is visible in the background.

In response to nationwide arson, looting and street battles with police, Trump said over the weekend that he would seek to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization.

ANTIFA, or “anti-fascist,” is a group of leftists, including anarchists, and have been notable proponents of violence, including outside the White House, where anarchist A’s and anti-capitalism messages were sprayed painted, including on the decadent Hay-Adams Hotel.

Activists clad in black clothing, suspected to be ANTIFA, were significant early initiators of arson and violence outside the White House on both Saturday and Sunday.

Trump was briefly taken to a secure bunker at the White House on Friday night during initial clashes in Washington. Violence escalated on Saturday night in Washington and again on Sunday night. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a 7 pm curfew on Monday.

The officer who killed Floyd by kneeling on his neck, Derek Chauvin, was charged last week with murder.

Some US authorities have speculated that there’s a degree of organization behind scenes of mayhem in major cities. DC Police Chief Peter Newsham said Monday there seemed to be organization, though conceded he lacks proof.


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