Update on Russia Ukraine In what way Ukraine facts were created

Update on Russia Ukraine In what way Ukraine facts were created

Russia Ukraine The weak started with the sound of explosion that is heard around the Ukrainian capital in the small hours of Sunday morning. Dan Sabbagh reported on Russian cruise missiles striking a railway depart in the eastern and Ukraine news said that the strike hit a rail car repair works and Moscow said that it had destroyed tanks which has sent by Eastern European countries to Ukraine. This was the first time anywhere in the capital that has been hit for more than 5 weeks. Due to this attack one person was hospitalized and plum of the smoke rose was a visible from high points in the City. Russia attack on Ukraine is also an attack on facts and reality this part lies half truth misinformation without any evidences and everything is part of a strategy that comes so far but against which we have come face to face.

In what way Ukraine facts were created

Multiple attempts to deny the victims of the attached photos and videos about the Russian attack on the Ukrainian population that in reality were not created this information chaos and the images from the past and from other conflicts from events was not related to war and even taken from the video games.

During the time of second intuition the disinformation would not only be circulating in Spain but throughout the world. The crisis we know that this information circulates very quickly and that one on the way to limit the impact of disinformation is to debunk it as quickly as possible which is why collaboration between affect checkers is a key. Three days later the invasion begin and the debate already has over 300 entries from the fat checkers in 35 countries and is growing by the minute with input from our partners around the world. The particular database in addition allows us not to duplicate efforts investigating the same thing but also it allows us to know when information’s began to circulate in each country.

Top US military officers discusses with Ukrainian counterpart recently

America’s highest military officer discuss to Ukrainian counterpart on the heel the NATO leader in Madrid the discussion between the chairman of the joint chief and the commander in chief of the Ukrainian was done this week. The discussion was unprovoked and ongoing Russian invasion were brought to crane and exchange perspectives and assessment. The chairman once again reassumed and wavering support for Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Vast majority of debris cleared from shopping mall which was hit by Russian missile

Russia Ukraine emergency services informed on the telegram that approximately 88 percentage of the debris from Russian rocket attacked on a shopping mall in the city of kremenchuk that has been cleared. The service informed that 19 people were killed in the strike on amster shopping mall and 64 were injured in that 26 people were hospitalized.

Since Russia news invaded Ukraine in the late February more than 84 million people have flood across the country’s borders and more than 54 million people have registered for temporary refugee protection with similar safeguards in Europe according to the latest data compiled by the United Nation. Millions of the refugees from the Ukraine have crossed the borders into the neighboring countries and many people have been forced to move inside the country which says the one researcher in the report.

When will the schools reopen in the Ukraine?

Official say that schools in the capital city of Kyiv will reopen for the students by September 1 of the week. Class since then had switched being online and then stopped for the summer break the most important priority is the safety for the students and teachers said the head of Kyiv education and science department. Areas around the schools will be inspected for the bombs under school bomb shelters will be restart with some basic provisions like medicine and water and schools will also carry out training for both students and teachers for some alert procedures which is informed by the officials.

Ukraine won back the control over snake Island

The Russia occupied in the February Ukrainian officials informed Russian troop evacuated after Ukraine overnight bombardment. Russia said that the island as a good will gesture for Ukraine grain the exports. The strategic output in the Black Sea where informed by Ukrainian soldiers famously refused to surrender to the Russian warship moskva. The president Biden said that you were good providing dollar 800 million more for security assistance for Ukraine. Russian president has informed that his country has no problem with Finland and Sweden joining NATO but would have respond if the alliance builds up by a military presence along with the northern borders of Russia.

The Ukraine news International informed regarding theatre bombing which were clear war crying and a new report by the human right organization concluded that attack was almost certainly carried out by Russian fighter aircraft. Some hundreds of civil lines sheltered in the building during the March of the southern port city that Russian troops has been occupied now. Ukraine grain export has fallen by almost half with the countries agriculture ministry inform the having crashed the Black Sea port were blocked due to the Russian invasion.

The European port of human rights

The Human Rights told Russia to ensure to British captive which don’t get the death penalty in early June a court in the Russian backed the separators part of Ukraine sentences to death. Russian government which pulled out the European right jurisdiction after invading Ukraine said it is no longer complies with European court orders.

Ukraine broke ties with Syria says report

For recognizing the independent of eastern Ukraine regions at Russia’s request you carry foreign ministry informed in recent years that it had already ordered the closure of its Syrian embassies over the crime of the Syrian region. The region is friendly with Kremlin. And Kyiv informed that it will also impose a trade embargo and other sanctions against Syria.


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