Video shows rioter smoking pot in Capitol Rotunda during siege

It’s high treason!

In newly uncovered clip from Wednesday’s Capitol siege, an emotional interloper bums a joint in the Rotunda while gasping, “This is our house!”

“We made history guys!” the seemingly hyperventilating green party member pants after panning his camera up briefly to show the Rotunda’s dome.

“People are smoking weed in here,” he gasps.

“Please, please,” he says, turning to another rioter. “May I hit that, please? May I make history with you?”

Handed an apparent joint, he gasps, “I’m smoking weed!” before taking a long toke.

“Thank you, patriot! We made history,” he repeats, handing the joint back, and begins gasping again, still filming himself.

“This is our house! This is our house!” he shouts, appearing near tears.

The clip was first posted on Facebook by an admitted Capitol insurgent Ronnie Sandlin.

“We are not terrorists,” Sandlin wrote on his Facebook page at midnight on Wednesday, after the siege, in a post that says “Thanks, patriots.”

Ronnie Sandlin smoking pot inside the Capitol.
Ronnie Sandlin smoking pot inside the Capitol.

“We occupied and for the most part left that place relatively put together all things considered,” he says in the post.

Sandlin could not immediately be reached for comment.

Additional reporting by Ariel Ramerez


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