Video shows woman pummeling Atlanta hotel worker in wild brawl

An enraged guest at an Atlanta hotel viciously attacked an employee during a dispute that started over incidental charges, hotel officials said.

The incident, which was caught on video, shows an employee at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Atlanta Galleria beating a woman Monday afternoon with a phone and pulling her hair as horrified witnesses look on.

A second clip shows the unidentified guest with a purple backpack holding a telephone by the cord as she runs at the female employee before hitting her with the device.

“She clocked her ass w/ that mf phone omfg,” one caption on the footage read.

A third video shows the fight continuing in the hotel’s lobby, where witnesses told other guests they “might want to move” as the frightening incident unfolded.

At one point, the guest forced the hotel employee into a corner, where the mask-clad worker tries to fend off the attack with several kicks before she manages to break away.

The infuriated guest then follows the worker behind a front lobby desk and tries to force her way inside a back office, the footage shows.

The dispute broke out after the woman, a guest at the hotel over the weekend, had questions about incidental charges on her bill, a hotel spokesman told The Post Tuesday.

“It obviously escalated very quickly from there,” spokesman Chris Daly wrote in an email.

Clips of the incident circulating online did not show the entire event, Daly said.

The full video depicts the guest making an unprovoked attack on the hotel employee who then “defended herself” and tried to break free from the guest several times, Daly said.

The employee had only minor injuries, but “obviously is shaken” after the attack. She filed a report with Cobb County police following the incident, Daly said.

“Please allow us to emphatically state that we do not condone this sort of activity in any way, shape or form,” Daly’s email continued. “Violence is never the answer.”

The female guest fled the hotel after the incident.

An investigation into the incident remained ongoing Tuesday, but a warrant for the woman’s arrest had not been issued in part because hotel reps were not able to provide enough identifying information on the woman, Cobb County Officer Shenise McDonald said.

The hotel later put up barriers in the lobby to thwart other similar potential attacks, WGCL reports.

Another guest at the hotel, meanwhile, told the station she believes the hotel worker went too far while defending herself, saying she should be fired.

“I think it’s unacceptable, inappropriate, all of that,” guest Audrey Watson said.


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