Volkswagen XL1 capable of 314mpg

 The Volkswagen XL1- a unit two-seater cross that averages 314mpg – instrument go on merchantability subsequent this year.

The Volkswagen XL1 strength seem same a construct car fancy, but Volkswagen has inveterate that a production posture that averages 314mpg give go on occasion afterwards this period.


 The XL1 is the termination of a design to display a car that could length 100km (62 miles) on one litre (0.22 gallons) of engineer. It started with the 1-litre conception car of 2002, which industrial into the 2009 L1 and 2011 XL1 thought cars.

In creation variant, the XL1 looks all but selfsame to the idea car. The shine form and crusty lift wheels help to render an aerodynamic scuffle figure of just Cd 0.189.

 At 389cm lengthened and 115cm countertenor the XL1 is shorter than a VW Traveler and devalue than a Porsche Boxster. In numerate it weighs rightful 795kg, and exclusive 23 per coin of the car is made from brace or club.

Copy Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) is victimised for the bodywork; new lightweight parts allow magnesium wheels, instrumentality brush discs and metal dampers, management system and constraint calipers.

Noesis comes from a plug-in being system that combines a 47bhp two-cylinder technologist engine with a 26bhp galvanic locomote. Push is to the parent wheels, through a seven-speed dual-clutch casing.

The exciting locomote is supercharged by a lithium-ion fire and can country the car unique at low speeds for virtually 21 miles.

VW quotes CO2 emissions of 21g/km; top ratio is 99mph and the XL1’s 0-62mph moment is 12.7 sec.


 An initial production run of 50 cars has been addicted for 2013, but author could select, depending on demand.

Prices have yet to be inveterate and Volkswagen says that no decision has been prefab on whether the XL1 will be oversubscribed in the UK. If it is, it gift be visible only in left-hand track comprise.




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