Wanted Maryland man with slew of face tattoos on the run after fleeing arrest

Police in Maryland are on the hunt for a tattooed man wanted on multiple warrants who allegedly fled from officers Tuesday.

Kristopher Michael Stull has devil horns on his forehead, brass knuckles and a razor blade on his throat, and many more tattoos visible in his mugshot alone. Under his left eye, he has what appear to be the letters M-O-R-O, followed by at least one character that’s hard to make out in the picture.

Stull has warrants for allegedly violating parole with underlying firearms-related charges, failure to comply with a court order and an outstanding traffic-related issue, Hagerstown Police Department Lt. Rebecca Fetchu, the agency’s Criminal Investigations Unit commander, told Fox News.

In a Facebook post, the department asked anyone who sees him to call 911.

Stull’s rap sheet also includes convictions for robbery and for stealing firearms, and he allegedly assaulted a deputy in October, according to local reports.

He stole guns from his girlfriend’s relatives in 2017, according to Herald-Mail Media, and received a three-year prison sentence with three more years of probation.

He’d also been convicted of an unrelated robbery in 2005 and again later for illegal possession of a firearm, according to the outlet.

And he was already known to authorities by the time he allegedly assaulted a Washington County deputy at a Walmart store off Sharpsburg Pike in October 2019.

The deputy was responding to a theft in progress at the store. He reportedly recognized Stull as someone who had fled from police in the past and tried to stop him.

Stull is accused of resisting arrest, striking the deputy with a shopping cart and escaping, briefly, when the officer’s stun gun failed to connect, according to the report.

He was arrested and charged with second-degree assault and resisting arrest, WDVM reported.

Last month, in a separate case featuring a similarly inked-up suspect, police in Florida arrested a heavily tattooed man in connection with a horrific abduction and sex-assault case.


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