Wearing makeup when working out is dumb or unnecessary?

Why do so many women wear makeup at the gym? Is it completely dumb or just unnecessary? Truth be told, the reason is debatable. Most women link a workout routine with their body’s image. How she looks on a treadmill matters a lot. Painting your face at the gym is a way to emphasize that a woman can look amazing even when she sweats. Perception issues and body image can’t just go away simply because you work out.

Group classes often involve more women working out at the same time. Wearing make-up is a way to stand out and compete with each other; especially these days when everyone is focused on healthy eating, hydration, and weekly visit to the beauty salon. However, there are other reasons why women wear make-up at the gym. For example, female fitness instructors are compelled to do so because they have to sell a product or brand. It’s not necessarily a cultural pressure to look and feel sexy when working out.

Make-up at the gym – an obsession to look impeccable 24/7?

A lot of women these days can’t even get out of the house for 10 minutes without wearing make-up. They feel insecure and they don’t trust that their appearance looks fine with or without make-up. At the gym, things are even more exaggerated. Painting your face and looking like you’re hitting the club is a way to boost their confidence. However, that’s definitely not a very good idea. Some women are obsessed with their appearances, and they can’t imagine hitting the gym without applying foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick.

Is wearing make-up at the gym unhealthy?

Wearing make-up when working out is not necessarily unhealthy, but rather detrimental to the skin. Throughout intense cardio, for example, the body sweats excessively. You make-up will make direct contact with the vapors coming out of your body, and whether you like it or not, it will destroy it. No waterproof make-up will resist. Your complexion will begin accumulating dust, thus triggering pH imbalances. Soreness, redness, zips, and pimples might also invade your skin.

When the body gets all pumped up, the skin goes through several stages. First, we sweat. Second, the pores become more relaxed and enlarged. When you add makeup, it instantly becomes sticky, possibly leading to unpleasant breakouts.

When we work out, the skin must breathe

It’s very important that we allow the skin to breathe when we work out. In time, make-up mixed with open pores, heat and sweat blocks the skin triggering blackheads and even skin texture. Before hitting the gym, it might be a good idea to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Leave the skin bare, or you can apply a light serum that enters the dermis quickly. Heavy products such as creams and night moisturizers don’t have time to penetrate the deep layers, and they’ll fall off your face when you sweat.

It’s equally important to cleanse your face properly after a workout routine because your pores are enlarged. Grime will settle onto the skin; it will become trapped, and the end result is pimples you certainly don’t want or need. If you have very sensitive skin, steer clear of applying foundation and concealer. It’s too much. However, you could keep things simple with mineral makeup, such as oil free moisturizers and waterproof mascara.

The perks of mineral make-up are endless. The ingredients are all-natural, suitable for all skin types, and it contains pure pigment only. This means that when you work out, the minerals don’t move on the face. It provides SPF protection against damaging sun rays, and it allows the skin to breathe. Look for a product that matches your complexion. The best advice is to consult a dermatologist.


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