Wearing your leather jackets with panache and style

Leather jackets – an evergreen fashion

Leather jackets are a fashion that is evergreen. They are a classic and have been around for a long time, and areas trendy today as they were decades ago, and far beyond. What is it in the leather jacket that makes it such a popular choice of clothing?

whalberg leather jacket

There are various reasons for that, and the most probable of them is that the style of the leather jacket, and the rugged and tough look that is associated with it is a huge pro for this particular article of clothing. Another reason is that leather is tougher than woven fabrics and provides more protection. It also lasts longer than most other materials. These are the most probable reasons why the leather jacket has been in vogue and has not died out even though years have passed and other fashions have come and gone.

Leather jackets are not only a fashion that has stuck around for ages, but they are also a fashion that is worn almost year-round. Leather jackets are unlike the seasonal winter jackets.

A wide variety

Leather jackets come in a variety of styles. These are different from each other based upon their lengths, design and purpose. The most common ones among these styles are the biker jackets (also called the motorcycle jacket), the moto ‘racer’ jacket, the flight jacket (also called the bomber jacket), the fatigue jacket, the duster jacket and, lastly, the cattleman jacket and the mark wahlberg style jacket.

There are different qualities of leather, too. The leather’s quality is designated by its grade. Leather has four grades: Full grain, top grain, genuine leather and bonded leather. The quality of the leather which is generally used to manufacture jackets is top grain.

Essentials to wearing a leather jacket

There are a few things that must be remembered when wearing a leather jacket. First of all, you must know the level of formality of your outfit. Leather jackets are meant to be worn with casual or semi-formal outfits, and cannot be worn to a formal dinner or to a business meeting.

Secondly, it must be understood that leather jackets are supposed to be a good fit. They must not be oversized or undersized. Since leather is a stiff material, it does not drape, and bulges out instead if it is a larger size than needed. If the jacket is too tight, it pinches, and that does not look good either. Buy a jacket that fits you well, because it is not as easy to make adjustments to a leather jacket as it is in the case of other materials.

Perking it up with your own style

Perk up your outfit with your own style. Leather looks good with a lot of different kinds of fabrics and textures. Combine it with denim jeans or a knitted sweater or a full sleeved T-shirt. Accessorize with joggers or a belt with a large buckle, black boots and a black cowboy hat. Mix and match different things and find out your own style!





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