Wedding Flower Arrangement: 5 Reasons Why Color Combination Matters


It’s always a delight to plan for wedding events. They say that weddings are the best days of a bride and groom’s life. Wedding isn’t just about the marriage of two people who would sworn to love each other until the day they die, wedding is also about having that perfect dress, suit and event decorations. One of the most important decorations that a wedding should have are flower arrangements. Yes, flower arrangements play a big role in wedding events.

There are a lot of factors to consider in deciding what to put in weddings. There are important things that must not be ignored and flower arrangements are truly one of them. Color combination is something that must be noticed in doing flower arrangements. If you wanna know more the reasons why color combination matters, see the list below:


  1. Because the flowers must fuse with the theme


Yes. You read that right. Flowers must blend in with the theme of the event because they have to. Flower arrangements aren’t supposed to look out of placed right? It’s better to consider following the theme of the event so your designs won’t look lost. If you have an all white wedding event then you may opt for a mix of red and white roses for your flower arrangement. Again, color combination is the key to a sophisticated-looking flower arrangement.


  1. Because everything should look elegant


Elegance is really important. A wedding is a sacred and elegant event and your flower arrangements should not look like they’re just there for the sake of having designs but their colors don’t really pop that much because you did not even bother to use a color combination.



  1. Because they need not to outshine the bride and groom


Always remember that any decoration that you are putting in a wedding must not outshine the bride and the groom. Flower arrangements must be colorful but they should not look like arrangements that are usually seen in flower festivals which are popping with eye-catching colors and designs. Remember, just because you are following a color combination doesn’t mean that you have to go all out and exaggerate things.


  1. Because everything must be in a uniform manner


Everything should still be in uniform. While you are following the theme of the wedding, you should also make sure that flowers that are seen in your wedding will also be visible in your bridal shoot and reception. Flower arrangements must be in uniform so people will really feel that they are in a wedding that is not overrated but just right.


  1. Because color combination is fun!


After all, color combination is fun. While it is stressful to think about the decorations and how are you going to pull off a design for your flower arrangements, remember that you should still enjoy making them. Color combination is fun but don’t get too caught up by enjoying it as you may not be able to focus on bringing out the best in your flower arrangements.

Flower arrangements doesn’t have to be complicated. You could actually just do your own thing but it doesn’t hurt to follow some rules and do some thorough research especially with regards to doing color combinations.

Author bio: Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a writer for Fleur de Flo, an Australian business that offers new form of artistically creative flower arrangements. Mark helps in raising awareness and giving information about the hacks and techniques that may be used in flower arrangements.



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