What Is Better – Laptop Or Computer

About 15-20 years ago, laptops could only be a dream. But gradually, the situation began to change, and laptops took one step with personal computers. Today, the potential customer has a vast choice at all — Pc, laptop, netbook, ultrabook, tablet, smartphone. But despite the opportunity, so far, most of the users prefer a home computer or laptop to the same tablet. And which of the two is better? Let us figure it out together.

Pros of Home Computers

Well, let us start with the good one, the advantages of personal computers.

First of all, let us get started with usability. Let us say you very often print some documents. Sitting at the PC, you can adjust the workplace in such a way that it would be convenient for you to work. For example, you can rotate the keyboard in one way or another. With a laptop, such tricks will not work, so it will not work for a long time. However, this is a matter of habit and time.
The next item is the cost. It is no secret that today, you can assemble such a system unit that you do not need to change for at least several years. It pulls any of the modern games and allows you to run several powerful applications at once. But if you want to buy a laptop that is similar in characteristics, then you will have to pay twice or even three times more for it. Is it worth it? It is up to you to decide.

Do not forget about the possibility of replacing obsolete parts, as well as about upgrading your PC. For example, you have little RAM. What to do? Just buy one or two strips and place them in the slot on the motherboard. And in general, almost any part can be replaced in a personal computer. Alas, with a laptop, such a number will not work.
Now go to the monitor. Unfortunately, in this case, you will have to buy it separately, but let us not forget that the monitors have become cheaper and you can save a lot on their purchase. For example, within 150 $, you can even buy a pretty good 24-inch monitor. What about a laptop? But nothing, you have to be content with a small screen. Of course, you can connect a third-party monitor to it, but then why even buy a laptop?
You can also recall the presence of free space, that is, hard drives. Replacing the hard drive in a laptop is not so simple, and the amount of its memory often leaves much to be desired. The only way out is to buy an external hard drive. If you use a PC, you can purchase at least ten hard drives and put them inside the system unit case.

It is especially important for music lovers that absolutely any sound card can be integrated into a PC, which will produce a beautiful sound at the output. In a laptop, you cannot replace it.
In system units, as a rule, there is no problem with cooling, since there is a lot of room for air circulation in the case, and you can install additional coolers. But on laptops, this place is practically absent, so they tend to overheat.
And here, there is the opportunity to significantly improve the functionality of the PC, adding, for example, a TV tuner, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and some other components.

Cons of PC

Alas, personal computers have some significant drawbacks.

Where to begin? Of course, with attachment to the workplace. Yes, you really cannot take a PC with you, for example, to nature. It belongs to the home or the office.
The second is the lack of battery life. In principle, this issue is easily solved if you purchase an uninterruptible power supply unit. However, it costs money and sometimes large, and it takes up a lot of space.
For some, the absence of additional devices is essential. For example, it could be Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. On the other hand, expanding the functionality of a PC will not be difficult for you – all components are sold separately (for example, the same router for Wi-Fi).

Notebook`s Pros

It is time to talk about laptops – devices that are hugely successful around the world.

Where do we start? Perhaps with size. Typically, a laptop is small and weighs only a few kilograms, which allows you to take it with you. Of course, carrying it in a bag is not very convenient – its weight is still not 500 g; however, for example, it will not bother in the car.

The second part, which is no less important than the first, is the ability to work from autonomous power, which also allows you to take the device with you and work on it without connecting to an outlet. It is a pity, of course, that the work time is limited – usually, it takes no more than two hours, and if at the same time a “hard” program is launched, or you watch a movie, then the work time is significantly reduced.
Of course, we cannot say about the appearance of laptops – they look beautiful and stylish, pleasing to the eye. It is doubly lovely to work with such devices.
As a rule, laptops are initially endowed with devices that you will not find on a PC – these are the same Wi-Fi modules, infrared port, Bluetooth, etc.

Notebook`s Cons

Alas, laptops have a lot of disadvantages.

Let us start with usability. Honestly, working on laptops is not very convenient for some people, if only for the simple reason that I often have to sit in three deaths. However, as was mentioned a little above, this can only be a matter of habit.
Next up is the high cost of laptops. But not so simple. Top laptops that most users do not need are costly. But if you need a simple and inexpensive notebook, you can buy it for only 150-180 $ about the same amount you will cost a simple PC with a monitor. In this case, it may make sense to purchase a laptop.
Handle the device very carefully since falling from even a small side can lead to problems with the laptop’s performance.
If the gadget breaks or fails, its repair, as a rule, is much more expensive than PC repair. Be sure to keep this in mind.

It is almost impossible to improve the device. That is, if you want to add a few gigabytes of RAM, you most likely will not succeed in doing this.
In most cases, there are problems with cooling, which are almost impossible to solve.
Well, do not forget that laptops quickly become obsolete, because technology does not standstill.

What choice to make?

Only you can answer this question. There are examples of the pros and cons of both devices after learning about which you, hopefully, make the right choice. As for my opinion, I believe that the best option is to get both a personal computer and a laptop. Besides, do not forget that today you can buy tablets, which are enough to surf the Internet and chat with friends.

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