What is Vehicle Workshop?


A dedicated place where car, motorbikes, buses & many other vehicles are repaired or serviced is called a workshop. As time passes by technological development occur resulting in the increase of repair equipment which are specifically designed to perform specific tasks. For each repairing of part instruments are available which are specially designed to do the job in more effective & specific manner.

Automobile Garages

Most of the automobile workshops are single operated business employed by different workers working under single individual. A repair shop includes both the mechanical as well as electrical.

Automobile Body Parts

Some of the automotive repair shops offer body repairs only in which denting & painting are the primary jobs which are taken care of. Vehicle body damaged due to collisions & major accidents are also repaired in this specific automotive repair shop. All of the denting work should be done by professionals so that best results are achieved.

After denting comes the very important task i.e. the paint job. To make your beloved car look absolutely fresh & dent-free then the paint over the car is a must to do. After getting proper paint over the car or even from paint-spray the best results are achieved. Only this car waxing and polish jobs are also done in body workshops. Through proper polishing, car sparks like a brand new vehicle. Nowadays, several body shops offer paint-less denting in which only dents are repaired (pushing out the dents from the inside) without applying color over the repaired section.

Automotive Workshop Equipment

Numerous garage equipments are available in the market which assists car enthusiasts/mechanics to complete the tasks in more effective & proper way. Few of the automobile equipment are discussed below.

Car Lifts

Car Lifts equipment is specially designed to hold & take car upwards. With the help of this equipment doing tasks underneath of the vehicle become easy. The lift takes the car to a certain level so that mechanics can easily check & properly do the respective tasks. This kit is best to increase the efficiency level of work & the interested individuals should get benefit from this mind-blowing product.

There are numerous types of car lifts depending on the needs, few of them are mentioned as, 2-post lifts, 4-post lifts, and 4-post Bridge lifts, parking Lifts, alignment lifts.

Brake Lathes

This tool is used for removing rust and/or leveling up the brakes to increase the performance of braking & driving. It diminishes the vibration issues which increases the performance of the brakes. Brake Lathes correct & modify the difference of thickness on the rotor which occurs due to:

Non-leveled brakes

Dust present on or around the rotor

With the help of brake lathe equipment the problems can easily be erased & also in more effective as well as less time consuming.

Wheel Alignment

Alignment is the most primary process in automobiles. If somehow disorder occurs in alignment vehicle possibly gets out of hands resulting in fatal accidents. To decrease the ratio of car accidents happening due to this problem, Wheel Alignment Tool is now available to align the wheels properly & it takes much less time to perform the job. Different types of wheel alignment are available depending on the vehicle classification.

Wheel Balancer

As time passes the irregularity of mass can happen in the wheel resulting in wobbling of the wheel. This causes the disturbance in ride & may even lead to disorder of the suspension. To overcome & reduce the accident possibilities, wheel balancers are available which corrects the unbalancing ratio of the wheel, minimizing the possibility of wheel wobbling resulting in safe drive.

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