Where to buy Nike Jordans in the UAE

Sneaker culture has grown in size and stature in UAE. Jordan brand is a big hit in this region. It is more than a sporting brand connecting with fans across the globe. Air Jordans are a big deal for shoe collectors and fans in the UAE. The brand continues to inspire them through its empowering designs and functional merits.

The appeal for Air Jordan among most UAE fans are the memories associated with the legendary Michael Jordan. He has been described as the greatest players of all time by the National Basketball Association of Chicago.  Most fans remember him wearing Air Jordan X1, one of the most popular models. They also remember Michael Jordan wearing it on the court and in the movie Space Jam.

Sneaker Fans in UAE

Most shoe collectors, young and old never start their collection without a pair of Air Jordan. To them, owning a pair of Nike Jordan shoes is buying a piece of history. Athletes in UAE have a huge love for basketball and sneaker culture. They have a passion for this Jordan brand.

Nike decided to bring the best Jordan brand innovation and inspiration to this region by opening its standalone retail store in Dubai. Dubai now houses a new Nike Jordan store. The brand is perfect for the region and for its basketball fans and community

Air Jordan in UAE – Buy in Jordan Store


The global sports, fashion and iconic brand, Nike opened its first regional Jordan Store in the Dubai Mall on June 30th this year. Dubai Jordan Store will be the first store in the Middle East and fourth store of the brand in the world after Chicago, Hongkong, New York.

The launch of this store had brought a lot of excitement to the basketball fans and sneaker heads in the UAE. The aim of the Dubai Jordan store is to recreate the legacy of Michael Jordan and bring top basketball products to the regional basketball fans and sneaker heads.

UAE sneaker fans have all reasons to cheer as they will have their own favorite Jordan boutique in the diverse city of Dubai.

Nike Jordan Shoes in Dubai Jordan Store

You can find stocks of Pinnacle/Premium Nike Air Jordan shoes in Dubai, the Flu Game 12s, Maroon 6s, the 72-10 Jordan 11`s.

On the walls of the store, you can find 6 of Air Jordan`s most recognizable editions – VI, VII, VIII, XI, XII, XIII. Fans became highly excited on seeing the incredible selection of product and grabbed limited editions to add to their shoe collection.

Nike`s new Jordan Ultra Fly is available to the customers in black and aquamarine. It is priced at 699 Dirhams. On the day of launch, fans were given the opportunity to try out this exclusive pair.

Dubai Store will stand out for sneakerheads owing to its exclusive products that cannot be found elsewhere. Though Jordan products are widely available in stores and online, this feature makes it special. In future, the brand plans to also have limited items for training, performance basketball, and lifestyle that will be available only at this store.

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