Which Car should you choose?

The choice of modern cars can be overwhelming. There is a huge range of options, from body styles and engines to colour and interior décor. Then, there is the price to consider, as well as whether to use a dealer or a used and new car supermarket etc. Even once one has collected as much car information as possible, it can be hard to come to the final purchase decision.


However, you still can achieve your goals and find the automobile to suit your needs with just a little prior preparation. First, you need to work out what you need the car for. Is it for commuting, family trips, personal travelling, holidays, business etc? Some buyers will need the car for all these purposes – it further depends upon you, your family, and the things you carry on a daily basis e.g. musical instruments, dogs, shopping etc. In addition to this, you should consider if you want a car that offers good fuel economy or full power. What are your priorities – safety or size?

These points are all worth considering before you buy, because the more requirements you can shortlist, the easier it becomes to choose the right car.

Never let your emotions dominate you. A car is an expensive purchase so be very careful to buy the right vehicle.

Here are five basic questions you should consider before buying.

Sedan, wagon or coupe?

Do not try to search for a car which fulfills every single need or desire you may have, because this type of car has not been built yet. Try to find the vehicle which fulfills most of your needs instead. For example, parents should find a vehicle to accommodate their family, while single people or couples might prefer a trendier, smaller sports coupe instead.

New or used?

Do you prefer to have the security of a new-car warranty? Do you mind if you lose 30% of your new car’s value in the first 3 years? If not, then you can save a lot of money buying a used car which already has a lower price because of depreciation. Get to know the markets for used cars and buy the best one after finding a reliable used-car seller.

Petrol, diesel or hybrid?

Petrol and diesel options both come in a variety of cars. There are fewer cars with petrol-electric hybrid engines currently, however, numbers could increase in future. Think carefully – are any fuel savings enough for you to justify the vehicle’s higher price? There are a few diesel cars which can save up to $40 each time you refuel. Some diesel cars, for example the Volkswagen Golf, costs $3000 more than the petrol model.

 Choose the right brand

Do not choose the brand merely on the basis of popularity. Choose wisely, because different models and different brands devalue at different rates. Porsches do not lose value that quickly whereas Hyundai lose one third of the value as soon as you start driving it. So the brand name is not everything – it’s far better to make your choice based on the car’s reputation, distance it has travelled, where it has been built etc.


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