White supremacists, drug cartels add to George Floyd chaos: governor

White supremacists and drug cartels are playing off the George Floyd killing to create more havoc on the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota’s governor said Saturday.

Gov. Tim Walz confirmed he had received reports of hordes of white supremacists who joined in the looting of businesses, NBC News reported.

During a pre-dawn press conference, Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey laid out plans for quelling the violence that has rocked the city since Floyd’s died Monday. A white police officer who was arresting Floyd and kneeling on the black man’s neck, has been charged in his death.

On the marauding white supremacists, Walz told reporters: “my suspicions and what I’ve seen on this, yes.”

“It gets worse than that,” Walz said of the marauding racists. “The cartels, who are wondering if there was a break in their drug transmissions, are trying to take advantage of the chaos. That’s why this situation is on a federal level.”

Walz added he is working with the federal government to gather intelligence on who is taking part in the violence and whether they belong to organized groups.


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