Who made Google Snake?


In 1997, two Stanford University, computer science students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin worked on a new search engine. The pair had developed a prototype for their project called BackRub. When the founders realized that their project was going to be bigger than they’d initially conceived, they decided to use Google as the name of their search engine.

Who made Google Snake?
Who made Google Snake?

Section: What is Google Snake?

Google Snake is an online game where you play as a snake, moving across the screen by pressing keys on your keyboard. To grow longer, you must avoid crashing into yourself or other players’ snakes while eating fruit. A multiplayer version of this game exists on Facebook under the name “Google Snakes”.

Section: Why was it created?

The creator of this game wanted everyone in his class to have fun while learning about computer programming (specifically using Python). He also liked how easy it was for people to create new levels/screens/scenes within this open-source project because you could write code that would change what happened when someone moved over specific pixels – like if you wrote “if the player collides with a wall” then it would execute that part of code so that something happens when someone hits another player’s Snake or a wall within the game world for example (for instance maybe make them start over from the beginning again if they hit something). This gave him more freedom than other similar games like Tetris, which requires users only to create new levels from scratch by hand rather than writing code themselves. As well as gives him much more control over what happens within each group which makes it easier for people with different skill sets who aren’t necessarily great at art design or music composition but still want to contribute somehowENDWRITE

In the late 1990s, Google’s homepage had a hidden game that let you play Snake.

In the late 1990s, Google’s homepage had a hidden game that let you play Snake.

This was discovered by Reddit user “BosiDaHound” in 2015 when he went to go buy his wife a birthday present. He wanted to surprise her with something unique, so he searched for clues about what she liked on the internet.

He found out that she loved video games and browsed through various websites to find something that would be perfect for her. Finally, someone referred them both from one website back to another, where they found out about this hidden game on Google’s homepage! They loved it so much they decided to keep playing until it got boring after an hour or two.” They thought they had found something extraordinary,” says BosiDaHound: “It turned into more than just this little Easter egg feature.”

The game was discovered in 2015 by a Reddit user and was promptly removed by Google.

The game was discovered in 2015 by a Reddit user and was promptly removed by Google.

The game is simple: You’re given a snake to control and must guide it through the forest without hitting any walls or your own body. But this is where things get tricky—you can only see one pixel of your Snake at a time, so you have to move slowly and carefully, with no way of knowing what might be around the corner until it’s too late.

It sounds easy enough, but when you factor in that Google has already removed the game from its servers because it was hard to find (and thus impossible for most users), as well as its difficulty level (which makes many people give up before finishing it), Snake Forever becomes an almost impossible feat for most people who try playing it!

But you can still play the game online from your browser if you know where to look.

But you can still play the game online from your browser if you know where to look. To start, go to google.com in your browser and click on the search bar (or press Control and F). Type “google snake” into the search bar, then press enter. The game will appear as a pop-up window—you might have to scroll down a bit for it to occur if another tab is open on top of your screen.

You might also be able to play this game by typing “google snake” into an empty Google Docs document; however, I found that method unreliable since it sometimes crashed my computer when playing for longer than about 10 minutes at once.

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You can play Snake on Google’s homepage in 2020.

You can play Snake on Google’s homepage in 2020.

It’s simple: You click the logo, which will change colours and eventually grow into a snake you control with your cursor. You’ll get points for eating apples but lose them if you hit your tail or run into yourself—just like back in the day!

The game has been playable since 2017—and it’s even more fun now because it has an Easter egg where pressing [shift] + [F5] will reset the board with new obstacles every time you replay it!


Google Snake is one of Google’s most popular mobile games, and it has been played over a billion times. The game was created by programmer Andy Rubin and artist Jesse Adams in April 2013, but they didn’t get their names on the title because they both left Google before the game launched. The company didn’t even give it a name until three years later when Julian Farrior came up with “Google Snake” during an internal competition to name new apps that could be used on Android devices.


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