Why Chose Us Auto Insurance

A complete car coverage coverage offers Auto Insurance complete protection to you. It covers no longer handiest the prices incurred on damages to a third party however additionally the damages on your automobile. This coverage kind also covers car robbery and damages due to fire, housebreaking and herbal screw ups.

Stand-by myself own-harm automobile coverage

With our stand-alone very own-harm auto insurance, you are included for any unintentional damages in your auto. These will be due to natural screw ups like earthquake, flood, cyclone, and landslide, or due to manmade disasters like theft, burglary, rebel or strike. To purchase this coverage, you ought to have an active 1/3 birthday celebration coverage coverage of the auto.

Third birthday celebration auto coverage

In this form of insurance coverage, you are included against prison liabilities arising out of an twist of fate. If your auto reasons injuries to a 3rd birthday party or damages surrounding assets, then we will contend with the charges.

Why must you purchase a comprehensive automobile coverage coverage?

Here are six blessings which are difficult to skip up.

1 Third-birthday party automobile coverage is obligatory

As in line with the Motor Autos Act of India, it is obligatory for all motors walking on the road to be insured. As a auto proprietor, you should have third birthday party liability insurance.

2 Saves you from traffic best

As in step with the new Motor Auto Act 2019A, you can get a traffic satisfactory of ₹2000 for using with out automobile coverage. If you get stuck for a 2nd time, the penalty might be ₹4000.

3 Provides non-public coincidence insurance for owner driving force

Our car insurance coverage offers ₹15 lakh insurance for accidents to the registered proprietor driver while visiting inside the car, or stepping into or off the auto.

4 Gives easy get entry to to cashless garages

We have a community of 5100+ cashless garagesC that take care of your auto post harm. We pay for the repairs as according to the declare and settle the dues directly with the garage.

5 Covers damages to the auto

Our auto insurance coverage covers any damages to your automobile due to injuries or natural calamities and takes care of the restore fees.

6 Covers your car towards robbery

In case your automobile is stolen and cannot be recovered, we pay to your loss.

Why ought to you purchase auto coverage on-line from ICICI Lombard?

Why Chose Us Auto Insurance

We make lifestyles less difficult! – Auto Insurance

Affordable rates, easy renewals, brief claim settlement are a number of the key features of our non-public automobile package deal insurance coverage. We also have a set of certified workshops that offer digital surveyE for fast declare processing, pick-up and drop, sanitisation of high touch points to your auto, committed customer service supervisor and first-rate assuranceE on repairs.

Besides, we additionally provide particular extra covers at a nominal greater top rate that can notably improve your car coverage plan. By opting for add-ons in a car coverage insurance, you can shop a number of money in maintenance.

Things to keep in mind whilst shopping for a automobile insurance coverage

When you’re looking for the right car coverage on-line, right here are some points to recollect.

Policy insurance

Check the insurance inclusions and exclusions thoroughly to know what’s protected and what’s now not. Choose the proper form of coverage & insurance to make certain which you are well protected at the time of claim.


Add-ons come with super advantages at a nominal greater rate and each considered one of them serves a selected reason. Evaluate them carefully and choose those you want to cowl your car against unintended damages moderately.

Service blessings

Availability of cashless garages, clean claims process and reliable customer support are a must.

Right Insured Declared Value (IDV) – Auto Insurance

While you may keep on premium via deciding on a lower IDV, it will serve you suitable at the time of declare if you get an IDV near your automobile’s marketplace value while buying the insurance.

What elements impact Insured’s

Declared Value (IDV)?

IDV performs a key position in figuring out your car coverage charge

In a car coverage coverage, the Insured’s Declared Value (IDV) is the fixed fee at which we insure your automobile. We calculate the insurance sum insured primarily based on the manufacturer’s listed selling charge of the automobile + the indexed cost of any accessories. We derive the quantity after deducting the depreciation for every 12 months as in step with the Indian Motor Tariff.

Suppose you have set up any digital object within the automobile, which isn’t always protected in the manufacturer’s indexed selling charge. In that case, we upload the real value (after depreciation) of the item to the insurance sum insured over and above the IDV.

How can you save for your automobile insurance top rate?

No count what sort of automobile you power, positive discounts can bring down your automobile insurance rate –

No Claim BonusF

If you made no claims within the beyond years, you arise to 50% NCB.

Why Chose Us Auto Insurance

Security measures – Auto Insurance

If you’ve taken special measures to maintain your automobile from getting stolen, you are eligible for a reduction. Typically, you would get hold of a 2.5% discount for becoming an anti-theft tool (accepted by using ARAI) on your automobile.

It is unwise to reduce IDV to keep on top class. In case of an coincidence, you would find your self at a downside. Instead, ride secure and take safety features to get reductions on automobile coverage.

How do you get a web automobile insurance quote?

It’s quite simple –

  • Enter your auto registration range and your contact info here.
  • Check out the covers at low-priced charges on your car and pick out the quilt you like.
  • You can also personalise your plan with useful upload-onsG like Roadside Assistance, Zero Depreciation, Engine Protect, Garage Cash & Consumables Protect.

Based for your selections, we are able to calculate and show your top rate right away.


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