Why you should ignore the idea of shaving faces in skin routine?

Why you should ignore the idea of shaving faces in skin routine?

A lot of women nowadays don’t know whether shaving their faces is a good or bad idea. We live in a world where even men shave their bodies in proportion of 90%, meaning that some women may feel that their faces are not soft enough. They’re wrong! There’s nothing wrong with the slight puffs of hair under your nose and close to your ears. Using a razor to shave those areas will do more harm than good. Getting rid of a moustache that’s barely noticeable using a razor is a very bad idea. It’s no secret that shaving with a razors compels the hair to grow back thicker.

Shaving vs. threading and waxing

As modern women, we feel the most confident when our bodies look good inside out. Shaving is part of our daily routine. However, experts recommend us to stop using razors, and switch to more efficient methods, such as waxing, lasers, and threading. The latter three techniques pluck hair follicles from the root, thus delaying their growth. Laser hair removal procedures are even better because they stop the hair from growing once and for all. But complete body hair removal with laser may seem a little expensive; some even claim it’s a painful procedure. It all depends on the type of treatment you can afford to have.

Beauty addiction

Because we want to our best and feel confident in our bodies with and without clothes, shaving is probably a woman’s biggest concern. But then again, this doesn’t mean we should shave our faces like men. Sure, the effect of slightly softer skin is guaranteed, but when you use a razor the effect won’t last more than a day.

Unlike other parts of the body, the skin on the face is a lot more sensitive. You are not advised to use a razor because you might end up with severe irritations. On top of that, the hair will regrow a lot thicker, and before you know it you’ll end up having to shave your face daily.

Alternatives to razors for shaving your face

It is true that every woman is different. Some have increased pilosity even if they’re blondes, whereas others have very few hair threads regardless of their age. In some cases, you may experience intensive hair growth all over your body due to a condition. The most common is known as the polcystic ovary syndrome that triggers hirsutism. To lower the hormone levels that lead to androgen production, creams like Vaniqa might help slow down the hair growth process.

But the most efficient method is still laser hair removal. There are different types of procedures you can try. Before making a final decision, it’s best to consult with a physician, nutritionist or beauty specialist. A professional will assess your body inside out; a set of blood tests are performed to check hormonal levels and imbalances (if any), and then you are recommended a procedure.

Don’t fall into the trap of conventional, super cheap IPL devices you can buy from any electronics store. Those are superficial devices that don’t remove all your hair. Doing it at home is not recommended either. You may not be able to handle the machine properly, and afterwards your hair may regrow in patches, which is even more unpleasant.

Make sensible decisions

It’s perfectly natural to want to have smooth skin, especially on the face. With traditional razors the effect doesn’t last, not to mention that the hair grows back faster and thicker. Some women wrongfully believe that shaving their faces helps them look younger. That’s nonsense. Men have more youthful skin because the skin on their face produces more sebum. Unlike women, they have increased collagen levels in their skin; that’s one of the main reasons women age faster.

Men and women are programmed by nature to age differently. Supposedly, shaving makes the skin feel softer. However, women are also used to using all kinds of scrubs and moisturizing creams on their faces. Together with shaving, the end result can be disastrous. Inflammation and irritation may materialize, and in time your skin loses elasticity. The best thing you can do if you really want to shave your face and not deal with the side-effects of a razor is to invest in a qualitative laser hair removal machine; or head to the beauty salon for a treatment.



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