Your Thoughts will be your next password

Lose what you heard nearly magic rings, eye scans and two-step verification: The bar for log-in safeguard has officially been lifted with the most reclusive password of all reading: a thought.


Led by Gospel Chuang of the UC Bishop Schoolhouse of Message, a unit of researchers somebody mature a emblem that verifies a user’s sameness with brainwaves, or electroencephalograms (EEGs). Rather than an alphamerical matter password, this new manoeuvre uses a “pass-thought.” Chuang and his group formulated the method with a $100 Neurosky Mindset headset that uses Bluetooth subject to authenticate a individual to the machine.


Piece act the headset, volunteers performed a series of heptad psychic tasks patch researchers rhythmical their brainwaves. Position, all drawing participants performed the identical trinity tasks: focussing on their breathing, imagining their touch animated up and downed, hearing for an audio feel and then responding by absorption on a dot on a bushel of material once the smell was heard. Taking EEG measurements of these tasks created a brainwave baseline of sorts for each several.

In senior four tasks, participants could select a intellection that represented a many “personalized covert.” They could envisage performing a repetitive proposal from a mount of their pick, similar movement a clump or swingy a ballgame bat. They could anticipate almost revealing a strain or imagining a set of objects with a defined adorn scheme. Or they could select their own mentation and think on it for ten seconds.

By activity the subject’s unique brainwaves during this personalized interval of tasks and mark referencing them with their baseline measurements, researchers were able to glean a unparalleled EEG manner so that apiece “pass-thought” could set unshared users and tell them from otherwise participants. Thus, flush if in the last event that volunteers mentation of the aforesaid “choice” tasks, their unequaled EEG signatures would foreclose others from hacking their “pass-thought.”

By customizing each participant’s authentication limen via the headset, researchers low misconception rates beneath one percent, which is like to more-invasive methods for activity multi-channel EEG signals.


We see that bioelectricity signals, straight those poised using low-cost non-intrusive EEG sensors in workaday settings, can be victimised to authenticate users with treble degrees of quality,” researchers ended in a university news termination

Researchers distinct their techniques and findings in their essay “I Suppose, Therefore I Am: Usability and Surety of Marker Using Brainwaves.”


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